Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Hide SSID

How do i hide the ssids on the wyze mesh router pro? The web gui along with the app gui seems to br very limited.

I am sorry, but we do not currently support hiding of the SSID in our routers.


To request the ability to hide the SSID of the network, or more specifically to disable the Network SSID Broadcast feature, please follow the link to the #wishlist thread that is capturing feature enhancements and upgrade requests for the Wyze Mesh Routers. Vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your request as a reply at the bottom.


Hiding the SSID does nothing other than waste your time setting it up.

From HowToGeek


Finding Hidden SSIDs Is a Trivial Task

It’s extremely easy to find the ID for a “hidden” network—all you have to do is use a utility like inSSIDer, NetStumbler, or Kismet to scan the network for a short while to show all of the current networks out there. It’s really that simple, and there’s plenty of other tools that do the same job — many of which are even free.


I recently bought a device that can shut down any 2G WiFi network. It will also list all available SSIDs, even hidden SSIDs. Changed my SSID to hidden and was still able to knock it offline.

Setting your router to only allow certain MAC addresses is also a waste of time. MAC addresses can be spoofed.

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