Wyze lock v2 doorbell, outdoor cams

I’m new here so if this has been asked before I apologize. Are there any specifics on the Wyze doorbell that’s being developed? Seems like it should be integrated into a “next gen” Wyze lock. It would eliminate the need for a “rigged” up version. Unlock the door for the UPS man so he can put your package inside and save it from getting stolen from your porch (or I could just move out of the hood lol)! I would be a buyer for sure!

I’m also looking forward to outdoor cams. It would be awesome to see integrated solar powered, battery banked cases for them either included or sold separately. I’m in for at least four of them when they are available!

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The Wyze business model doesnt include “developing” or designing hardware. They license EXISTING hardware, then write software for it.

Please search using the link below for “outdoor” and “doorbell”. The first results for each will be the #roadmap topics with all information that is available at this time.

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