Does anyone know what’s the Wyze products will be coming out next year

Does anyone know if Wyze is coming out with a doorbell or any new products within the next year I know the lock is supposed to come out but I’m really hoping for a doorbell and if Wyze is going to get Apple certified for HomeKit

Click on the hourglass at the upper right of the page and search for doorbell and you find many answers for that in the threads related to your question


The “Roadmap” section of the forum shows several products that are in development and in testing. An outdoor camera, video doorbell, smart thermostat, full-color bulb, additional bulb sizes, smart bathroom scale, and smart door lock are all on the horizon. And most likely some other things that haven’t been confirmed yet

So far, they’ve run into some limitations that prevent them from supporting HomeKit, but I don’t know what the future might look like. There’s a wishlist thread about that here that also includes some comments from Wyze employees.