Wyze Lock Compatibility with Baldwin Deadbolts

I have a Baldwin single cylinder deadbolt and would like to fit a Wyze Lock to it.

The hardware compatibility page says " *Baldwin (not compatible with low-profile versions)"

What is the difference between a low-profile deadbolt (which won’t work) and one that isn’t (and therefore is OK)?

I don’t want to order this if it won’t work in my application! Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Hello @AnotherUser and welcome to the community

Doing a quick Google search the only difference I visually see is the thickness of the lock. You could try posting a photo of your deadbolt from the inside and outside and we may be able to figure it out.

Thank you, @WyzeJasonJ , for your reply. I have attached a stock view of what my Baldwin single cylinder deadbolt looks like. Maybe someone has done an installation with something similar and can comment, or knows what aspect of the profile is important.

I also don’t know if the offset knob might be an issue (the axis of rotation on the inside is not centered) - but the compatibility document doesn’t say anything about that.

From what I can see the size of it looks like it would work, my concerns would be the offset and how close the screws are to each other. There is a possibility @JonathanF may know if it will work.

Wyze Lock won’t fit this baldwin lock in the picture.

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Thank you, @JonathanF , for this information. Perhaps you could pass back the suggestion that the FAQs be improved by the addition of more detail on this question.

Could you please see if my lock is compatible?

Hello @amitrelia and welcome to the community.

I am pretty sure this lock is not compatibe to the Wyze Lock unfortunately.