Wyze Lightbulbs and Switches

I’d love to hear your tips/tricks on how to use smart bulbs, Wyze, Hue, or other. I want to put them around my house and connect them to my Wyze sense setup, however, I have a wife and kids who are almost certainly going to ruin my Jetson-like future by switching all the lights off via the wall switch… rendering the Sense kit connection useless.

How do you handle this? Is my future full of weird lamps and/or useless smart bulbs? Help!

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I use these:

Light Switch Guard


Light switch guard. I use it on my outdoor light when motion is tripped.

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I only use smart bulbs on bedside lamps. I cover the lamp power switch with electrical tape. so that lamps can only be turned on and off via voice (alexa or google) or via flic button.

I use these ones from Lowe’s because it still allows you to reach in on one side and operate the switch when needed, but it covers the switch and reminds all in our house not to flip the switch. Also, the clear plastic looks better than the Ivory.

I know this is an old post, my daughter just said she feels like she lives in the Jetson’s home. LOL We can control the garage doors, turn the fireplace on and off, automaticly turn off the sprinklers if it’s raining, control all the lights, unlock doors, change the home thermostat, sound a alarm to keep the dogs out of the trash and even have Alexa on the boat for music and home notifications. I may have over done it.

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There is no way to over do it, lol


Same down to the boat! Except my sprinklers know when it’s raining. My kids are too young for the Jetsons and mentioned a Disney show called Smart Home or something but I don’t remember it. The hardest part for me is going to someone else’s house and the lights not automatically coming on when I walk into a room. It’s kind of a “huh, people still live like this I guess” moment.

I have a different style switch and use these. Tbh I had those but switched them all out because I like the look of the paddle style matching my smart switches. Super cheap to do.

Mitzvah Family 2202 Magnetic Switch and Outlet Cover for Flat Modern Switches, 6 Piece https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DCCCETM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_PcBrDbJ4EGWRF

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Appears there is an opportunity for Wyze to create a smart switch that is linked to their app and other devices. Having the app turn on the lights when I enter the room is nice, but if I left my phone downstairs and just want to turn on the lights for a minute, I’d love a simple switch. Of the above, I like the magnetic version per shayfunk… it looks easy to take off and flip the switch in a pinch.
For a Wyze device, I would opt for something that was not actually wired in to the circuit… just a thin wifi switch that could be mounted on the wall or within an empty switch plate. My application wants just “on/off”, but multi-scene button versions could also be created relatively cheaply. LEDs on the switches could be programed on, off, or per a schedule. Great application for 2nd/rental homes where owners can ensure things are off when vacant and provide simple visitor controls.

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