Wyze Light Bulb and Headaches

Is anybody else getting headaches from the Wyze light bulbs? I put one of these in my bathroom so I can dim it most of the time. I rarely used it at 100%. I can’t notice a flicker unless I’m showering and then I can clearly see a strobing effect on the water.

Background: I spent weeks with daily headaches and thought I had something seriously wrong. The headaches went away when I finally went camping for a week. I realized it had to be an environmental issue at home. I looked around for all possible changes and eventually removed the Wyze bulbs as a trial. To my surprise the daily headaches stopped.

Testing: I build a quick test fixture with a photo transistor, resistors, an alkaline battery, and an oscilloscope. I made some discovery type measurements that are not meant to be scientific level. I found that the Wyze bulbs have a PWM frequency of 1kHz. That should be high enough not to be noticeable. But, the light emission generates a waveform that is abrupt. In contrast, dimmed Feit and Cree LED bulbs have a 120Hz frequency but the light to dark change is gradual. In the two attached pictures you can see two bulbs dimmed to 50%; a Wyze (via app) and a Cree (via wall dimmer). The Wyze has a maximum voltage (off my photo transistor) of 1.275 volts and minimum voltage of .047 volts. It varies from 100% to 4%, 1000 times per second. The Cree has a voltage of 1.25 volts and .53 volts. It varies from 100% to 42%, 120 times per second.

Wyze Bulb at 50%

Cree bulb at 50%

Conclusion: I’m figuring the large and abrupt change of the Wyze bulb is what may have been causing my headaches. Just wondering if others had similar experiences.