Wyze Kitchen / Food Scale

Now that the Wyze Scale is on the way, I would seriously love for you guys to build this:


I have faith you could pull it off, and it would make my 4 year wait almost worth it LoL

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Definitely a plus 1 from me!
I would use it all the time and I could sell so many for you by featuring it on my site.

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Taking your idea with the Wyze Scale, but making it for food. Maybe smart features integrated in so that you can not only measure your food, but get knowledge on nutrition facts about the food. As well as a partner app that is centered around healthy cooking and teaches how to properly prep your food and what temperature your food should be for consumption. Like…what temp should the steak be if the desired temp is medium rare. You could even integrate a ruler on the thermometer that translates to the app to show the thickness of the food, or density. Calorie counter that can also integrate with the Wyze Scale to keep track of healthy eating habits. I’m sure there are many more examples, but something that can “weigh in!” On a healthy lifestyle could be really useful. Who knows, maybe even a fitness tracking product that integrates with all of it or adapt it to most tracking systems on the market like an Apple Watch or Fitbit. My fitness pal is a popular app that under armor makes that could have some useful insight for what things to track…ie…fat, fiber, calories, etc. thanks for listening.

Would definitely buy a kitchen scales that took the best from ETEKCITY Kitchen Scales (http://www.vesync.com/esn00) and the DropKitchen Scales https://getdrop.com/appliances/drop-scale/) and linked them into MyFitnessPal.
Tell the ETEKCITY scale what food item you’ve placed on it and it’ll list out its nutritional information based on the weight of the food sitting on it against a USDA database of foods.
Using the DropKitchen app, select a recipe from its extensive collection and it will guide you step-by-step through the food-preparation process of baking or cooking.
I’ve not found any scale to date that will leverage the MyFitnessPal databank of foods, as well as help you capture this data in its food diary, or one that will, for example, integrate with the Google Home Hub or Amazon Alexa devices to leverage either of their vast collections of recipes.
To create this kitchen scale to achieve all three/functions would potentially put you immediately at the top of the market.
You’re welcome! :grinning:

Oh, to late , just bought kitchen scale

  • Auto ordering through Alexa if ingredients aren’t available.
  • Barcode/ingredient scanner for adding new groceries a list automatically
  • Some way to keep the stock of groceries in check, instead of just a time period

I’d really love to have a Wyze food scale that could integrate with other Wyze products (i.e., scale, band, etc.) and that could sync or integrate with other apps (i.e., google fit, Noom, MyFitnessPal, etc.) for accurate food/calorie measuring and tracking along with body weight loss.

Ideally, a scale that tares easily so that weight of containers is subtracted. The product would need to be bluetooth enabled.

My husband and I use the Wyze scale almost every day. Then we sync the information we get from the scale and the Wyze app to other apps (i.e., Noom, Google Fit, myFitnessPal, Samsung Health).

We’re looking at spending $20-45 on products sold on Amazon that may do the same thing, but we’re not finding a product that will sync/integrate with the health apps that we’ve got.