Wyze junk. doesn't connect intentionally

ignore the IOS tagging in this message its has nothing to do with IOS. this message forced me to pic a phone type before I could post it.

I’ve had these cams for years now. For a long time they would not have a reliable connection to the App and would always need to be rebooted. Eventually the programmers corrected that issue but it was frustrating for a long time. Then wyze decided they wanted us to pay for motion detection “person” once that was fully implemented the cameras went crazy with notifications. I refused to buy the person detection then wyze decided they could fix everyones wifi issues by selling a router. Also a big waste of money. Now the latest update of firmware has disconnected all of my wyze cameras from the network. I know this is programmatically done because I have a older version of the RTSP firmware. When I load that all cameras work again.

No I will not work with their support to resolve this issue its no longer worth my time. On top of this junk now I get spam on the app for sales of their products.

This is the last straw for me. Ive already started replacing these little junk boxes with reliable cameras.

anyone interested in these before I throw them out message me here ill sell them to you. I have 5. 1 with a external antenna that extended the range by over 100ft. $50 for the set.

bye bye crapy wyze.

Really, got a link?

Why not just put the Dafang RTSP firmware on them and use them like any other IP camera?
That’s my plan for the point where Wyze’s annoyances overtake it’s usefulness. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please be cautious about any 3rd party sales offers in these forums.

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