Wyze iOS app works on M1 Macs

Wow! Does it mean we don’t need Homekit anymore?

That’s great. My M1 should be here soon.

Just got my M1 MacMini up and running, D/Led the Wyze app, works great! Tip: under the Wyze app menu turn on Touch Alternatives.

Thanks for the heads up! The resolution from your screen shot looks really good.

Thanks for the Tip on Touch Alternatives.

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Are you able to go full screen with the Wyze App and use it as a native app in ‘landscape’ mode? Or do you have to keep that Wyze App Window ‘small’ like an iPhone in Portrait Mode?


Landscape viewing is iffy. On my M1 MacMini I have to revert to portrait view to select different cameras or enter a quad view mode, then switch back to landscape. Full screen doesn’t completely fill the screen, there’s a hefty black border around the view.

I assumed the pain of the WYZE App working natively in iOS in Landscape Mode didn’t disappear because it’s working on a M1 based Mac.

Great that that Apple has it to where one can run iOS apps on the M1 Macs, but it’s still running a misbehaving non iOS compliant iPad app.

I’ve been considering an M1 Macbook… and if somehow Apple magically made up for the shortcomings of the iOS app on an iPad, it would of been cause to make that Apple purchase…

Guess I’ll just have to sit back and wait for the two things I and many others are ‘patiently’ waiting for:

Wyze App 3.xx that is iOS compliant and thus works in LANDSCAPE MODE.


a Wyze app or Web Browser method of viewing my 8 WOCs, 6 V3’s, one Wyze Door Bell and a Partridge in a Pair tree… all in one place on my Windows PC or Laptop (or Mac or Linux) using a Native Wyze Application, or in a Web Browser……


Well done, sir @jrodricks! Best find of the week for me…I am sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. I brought this up in our standup meeting, and several people were very excited.

Landscape works great for me MBP 13" (yes there is a small black border, but not very bad) . Perhaps it’s just power of suggestion but I feel the app is much more stable (in respect to camera’s dropping connections) than on my IOS and Android. On those two I’m continually watching the time stamp to see when I’ve lost connection (which is way too often)…


If you don’t mind, how did you put the app in landscape mode on your MBP?

That’s great.

But I don’t do Apple and likely still won’t ever.


Not at all…


Oh ho! Thank you very much.

Windows 11 supposedly can run Android apps. Will check it out when it comes out.

They’re is a Windows 11? I thought 10 was the end… Huh.

I just got a macbook air m1 last week, and this was one of my prize finds… It’s wonderful to be able to view my cams from a desktop environment again.

However, the zoom seems to be stuck, portrait mode is zoomed in and cuts off the right side of the image, and also has blank area at the bottom, and landscape mode is zoomed way out, with the cams only taking up a small amount of the window.

Still, much better than not being able to see them at all!


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I see the same quirks. Definitely better than nothing.

Does anyone else have trouble getting the Wyze app to quit on the M1 Mac? Love that it works but I have to use the Force Quit every time.