Wyze Home Monitoring, not signing up.....yet

I just got the home monitoring kit, got my keypad and 1 sensor hooked up to the Wyze Sense Hub.

But I don’t yet want to pay for the service until I test it.

I found that I have to click on the Home Monitoring to set the pin up for the keypad, but when I do, it wants me to pay for it? I don’t want to sign up for it yet is the thing, I want to test it over time to see how it all works, then figure it out from there.

Suggestions or comments how to get this done? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Basically you can’t. You can setup the hub and sensors and use them as you would older ones but to test HMS you need the subscription. Once you do, you can run test mode forever, but you have to have a subscription.