Wyze flash sale scam

I feel wyze flash sale is a scam. Maybe case of sour grapes but i can i lose a product that is in my cart and being checked out to the point of purchase??!!! How is someone else claiming what is in my cart?!!


Adding it to your cart does not guarantee it’s yours. You still have to make it to checkout before it’s yours

Made it to checkout, got to the payment page and then got the message that it’s sold out. This all happened within 10 seconds.
That’s not the way to set up a shopping cart.

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Same thing for me. It was on the payment page and then said it was sold out.

Adding it to my cart means i havesnagged one. And if I’m going through the check-out process as setup by Wyze, then it still belongs to me. Unless i run out of the time to checkout, it’s claimed by me. If you cannot manage such a simple process, then add a one click buybutton and let us buy it without hassle.

These issues are persistent and really frustrating.

And I’ve been buying wyze from day 1!

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Wyze and their flash “sales” are notorious for this. I’ve been filling out their survey for feedback for them for a long time now and it’s still the same. Plus… you can’t beat the bots.

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This is NOT unique to Wyze. I can name several other flash sale sites that the item is not yours until you complete checkout. Most others are very open about that fact however.

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I will say that I’m impressed with Wyze’s bad rep mitigation squad in the forums and elsewhere. I hope they give you guys a little 10% off action!