Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

I mean power off the cam. If the cam is already powered off you can turn it on but if it is already powered on you can’t power it off. I tried “Google power off cam”, “google shutdown cam”, and “Google turn off cam”. But it says that function isn’t available. Yet I can " Google turn on cam" and it will power the cam on.

I live in Canada and have the Lenovo hub and as others have mentioned it works with my Wyze Cameras. It also works with my Chromecast on my TV.

Hi, is it possible the cam is on already and it just streams when you command it? To stop the stream I just say ok Google, cancel stream and it reverts to the slideshow or whatever was playing before.

Hey, everyone. Sorry to hear that some of you are having trouble with the Google integration! If you’re in that boat, please contact our support team so that we can help look into this.

Submit a request – Wyze

Worked for me yesterday after I set it up. Today I get “it looks like the stream is currently unavailable” …

Hi All
Thrilled to see that WYZE now works with google assistant and Chromecast, but unfortunately it only streams for ten minutes at a time.
Is there some way to get it to stream until I stop it?

Not currently. The 10 minute limit I believe is in place because there is a cost to Wyze in providing the stream, and apparently it is not feasible for them to provide all (or at least many) of us 24/7 streams via Google cast for free. (There are some alternatives such as using rtsp, screen mirroring your app to CC or hub, or using Android emulator on a pc that may allow longer lasting streaming options.

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Thank you for the info, I thought there was a problem with my device.
Doesn’t do me much good then, streaming for only 10 minutes.

Much appreciated.

Same thing for me today. Does anyone know what causes this?
Edit: Still none of my 3 cams will work with my Hub or Smart Display. Really don’t have time right now to unlink and hope that resolves it.

If you look back in the thread, you will see the time is limited due to the server load incurred by Wyze. For the time being this is not expected to change. The increased costs were the stream being constantly available would be prohibitive. The long term solution is to allow for local streaming/storage… hope this helps…

Um, I think you meant to reply to someone else? I know about the 10 minute time limit and conserving server resources. I asked why cameras kept failing to display for no apparent reason and having to unlink/relink them.

Sorry, the reply was intended for someone else. My apologies…

I have the wyze camera connected to Google Hub, but only get a black screen, when streaming live?

Enjoying these cameras. Added wyze account to Google home, assigned them to rooms, also added on off actions in a couple of my pre existing routines.

Ok who broke Google? I tried the disconnect and re-enable Wyze Friday night and it took until Sunday before it would reconnect without timing out. Put all the cameras back where they belong & this morning they won’t load again.

Had the same problem - mentioned in the thread Linking Wyze Home Account. It seems to be working now, have to check streaming to Google hub in a bit…

Sorry, everyone! I’ll tell the team.

Doesn’t work through chrome cast though

It worked for me this morning… I cast to my TV to check my crawl space for critters every morning.

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You mean, streaming to chromecast directly, not mirroring the phone screen, right? And which os are you on?