Wyze doorbell wall plate removal

It was flipped outside down to show you where the point of contact is (ie: the clip).

It does not mean that the removal only works when it is upside down. It will work whether it is mounted or not in the same place. It shows where the clip is. The angled mount accepts the camera the same way.

If you are not able to find out where or how to do this with the information already provided, you should seek the help of a handyman or a professional.

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Aha! Thanks for clarifying! I will take another look at that clip from the video!

Ok. Here. Made a clearer video highlighting exactly what to do and where. On an angled mount


Very thorough clip.

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WOW!!! Very, very helpful!
Can’t wait to get out there tomorrow and try to follow this!
Thank you so much!

Success! Everything worked smooth as silk! Thank you so much!


Another victory for the patented @MAX9988 Steak Knife Method ™. :wink:


As soon as that DoorBell saw me approach with that Steak Knife, it shrugged, mumbled: “Whatever…” and rolled right over!
:rofl: :man_supervillain:


The bonus is you can now scour various neighborhoods picking up free doorbells. This is not a serious suggestion.

I have the same “can’t remove the doorbell camera” once it is installed issue. I am using the wedge. I understand how the doorbell camera is being locked in place. Unfortunately the steakknife trick doesn’t work for me as my wedge is flush against a flat surface and there is no room for the knife to be held while you pry open the retention clip. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I too have the wedge against a flat surface. I approached with a large steak knife but actually didn’t have to use it, joking that the DoorBell gave up resisting when it saw the knife. Haha. But actually to clarify, the advice I ended up following was to hold the wedge in place with my left hand while simultaneously pushing up the DoorBell forcefully with my right hand as if I didn’t care whether I broke it and that worked. I relied on the reassurance elsewhere in the discussion that the design of the parts is such that whatever force you use will separate the DoorBell from the wedge and will not break it.

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Thank you for the reassurance. I hope I’m strong enough but will give it a try. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks.

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A steak knife can be too thick and break tabs that hold camera to back plate.

Have a look at photo, using an exacto knife (large one shown, could use narrow smaller 1/2” blade version)… place blade below first tab/notch about 3/4” from top and under behind camera and in front of back plate….

You want to get the knife tip UNDER the tab in the centre and move DOWN (1/3 front top of camera) to release it… then you can move the camera UP off the tabs on the mounting plate.

I hope this visually helps.