Wyze door sense - low temperatures

The door Sense product page shows the lowest temperature is zero centigrade. If it’s designed to be fixed to a door that is opened a lot in winter, will it fail if the door is opened a lot during a really cold winter (-30C)?

I have a Pan Camera outside and a contact sensor on my mailbox that so far have been down to 3 below zero Fahrenheit which is -19 Celsius without issue. Both of these two pieces have regularly been down in the teens Fahrenheit at night so far this winter and I haven’t noticed the cold causing any problems


I have cameras, bulb and sense products outside in -40C to +40C here in Canada and none have them failed. I have had the products since early release. Love all the products and can’t wait to get my lock


The only thing I’ve noticed this winter which isn’t too much of a problem, is that the battery in the contact sensor on my mailbox seems to drain faster. Although, I’m basing that on the battery indicator in the app and haven’t put my multimeter on the battery to test in a warmed up state. It could just be that the contact sensor reports low battery in sub freezing temps and is actually okay.

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