How will winter temperature affect outdoor sensor range?

Like many other users, I have a contact sensor inside my mailbox to alert me when the box is opened. It’s a metal mailbox about 60 feet from my sensor bridge (also located on my outdoor camera.) My typical signal strength is a single bar and the sensor’s operation has been reliable.

I was wondering how seriously cold winter temperatures below say 30 degrees Fahrenheit will adversely affect the sensor’s battery performance and reliability in these conditions. I assume it will suffer.

Any thoughts?

more than likely the battery with die quicker in lower temperatures. a known issue with current battery technology. at what rate? there are many variables there including distance and temperature being the biggest ones.

temperature alone is one of the big issues facing electric vehicles right now as well……hopefully some of the latest battery breakthroughs are stable and make it to market soon. for now your best bet is just to play it by ear and see what it does.

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