Wyze cameras Strategy/Planning as a Service

I am a big fan of Wyze products, especially the cameras. However now that there are many different products, some even significantly competing/overlapping (WCO and Cam v3), I am actually stuck at the planning stage of what type of camera to use where to make my house feel more secure etc. What I need, to pull the trigger on buying a new batch of products, is help planning it all out based on distances, angles, and appropriate cameras. This could even be an assist provided by the forums if facilitated somehow without comprimising privacy.

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In my opinion if your criteria are “distances and angles” around a house, your only choice is the WyzeCam V3 or moving to another brand. The V2 is almost gone, the Pan Cam is of the same generation, and the WCO makes little sense if you can provide a power cable to the camera.

So there is not a whole lot to “plan”. Wyze’s camera stable isn’t all that complex. However if you consider other brands there is a lot to consider such as Power over Ethernet, local DVR, etc.

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im going to agree with @Customer here…assuming powering it is not an issue, the V3 is the way to go…and cost effective vs the outdoor cam as well.

and I would also say that it would be hard to pull off because a lot of it is more based on personal opinion than scientific fact for the majority of people. there would more than likely be just way to many variables to be a feasible branch of business to uptake.

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Apologies for lack of clarity - I meant the main variable is where to place each camera, abd this includes significant outdoor area in my case. For example should I put cameras on my fence facing toward the house, or the opposite? Some looking along the length of fence? Should I use my balcony to point cameras down or keep them at eye level etc. The only distinction between WCO and v3 is as others have said, access to power. I envision uploading a rough property sketch and getting feedback in terms of X and O of what could be placed where.

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Oh, okay. Then I think that is basically impossible. You are talking about accounting for a 360 degree possible view from every square centimeter in 3 dimensions across a home exterior and its yard and surroundings. Far too variable and personal. Just get yourself a long selfie stick and try different views around the place with a cell phone or something.

The WCO has been largely a disappointment to many … Over priced and marginal performance at best. Right now, it appears that the V3 is the best of the lot