Wyze cameras don't really support Alexa

Well I will just chuck the the thing then…I am only attempting this as I had the thing to start…

Looks like it really just needs to go to the garbage with the Ring junk too!

Oh well…

I give up on it… its clear that MY doorbell is not going to work with my Show device…

And crapazon can go fly a kite…I only use them as they are the only game in town to get stuff… I really wish there still was Radio Shack, from the 70-80’s’, Early 90’s not the Cell Shack they became… with barely a corner of parts etc…

Just annoys me, their games on shipping… It should work via FIFO. Not PFTTR… I literally could drive to any of about 3 of their DC’s to go get stuff QUICKER! They should offer WILL CALL! I’ve literally tested this to watch the SAME ITEM come from the same DC and my order sit and wait for DAYS while the prime one goes out… No.

I am an Amazon Prime subscriber. I placed an order for 6 smart switches, a couple pair of winter work gloves, and reading glasses last night at 10:54pm ET. They were delivered before I got home from work today. Less than 15 hours from order to delivery with unlimited free shipping. Jeffy has certainly figured something out in fulfillment and shipping. Membership has its privileges. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I stream exclusively thru Amazon Prime FireTV, music thru Amazon Prime, photo backup thru Amazon Prime… All included in one subscription. Honestly, I can’t afford not to subscribe. I would spend the annual subscription amount in a single month elsewhere and get less for it.

But… If they build a paywall around Alexa, I will be hurting. I would have to do a cost benefit analysis to make a decision.

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Afraid we are NOT going to agree on this.… THIS should be the LEVEL OF SERVICE. Period. No membership required. I’ve got many axes to grind with that place… especially the con job they pull on places… like they did with my air for one of their air hubs, and the DC’s… and before any one says it no I have ZERO ISSUE with their 767’s flying over me! None… Now open the door, and drop my stuff out! :slight_smile: :wink: Its other junk related to their job claims etc… they are not the only ones doing it.

As for the streaming… nope… No thanks… I pay $0/month for “TV” and thats where it will be staying. And I can tell you flat out I watch probably 90% of what I want to including Bosch Legacy, as soon as it comes out.

I think they are VERY VERY MUCH UNDER ESTIMATING what the consequences of pay walling alexa would be… As you can guess… I am NOT paying for it. Ever… I only have it to attempt to resolve some things… Honestly I have NO CLUE as to why I even got it! Other than it was like $30 at HD… I may have had it in my mind to use with Ring… but ring proved to be so utterly useless junk… ommmmmmmmmm… ommmmmmm…

You are correct we won’t agree. If you expect platinum service without paying for it, be prepared to pay platinum prices on the front end. You don’t get service for free, anywhere.

It sounds to me like you have other personal issues to work out with Amazon before you go wording about Alexa. Good luck.

Swinging back around to this thread. The Reddit AMA question about Alexa support got the following response:

We just saw that news and will need to take a look at what that feature would require.

Not going to expect decent Alexa support any time soon.

Before I bought more Wyze cams for my new house I tried Blink and Ring camera systems and ended up returning them both. Sure, I can arm/disarm them via Alexa, but the systems are so limited compared to Wyze. Neither have concepts of groups for example. Blink has “systems” like “home” but say you want to disarm inside cams when you’re home but keep outside cams armed, you have to set up a whole new separate system which includes a sync module ($35). Any type of grouping requires a new system and new sync module. Plus you can only arm or disarm the entire system all at once.

Ring is a much more mature system but still very limited. It has “modes” but only three (home, disarmed, away) and each camera has to be individually configured as far as what it should do while each mode is activated so you can keep motion detection on on your outdoor cameras when you’re in “home” mode, for example. But if you want to group them in different ways you can’t really do that. Plus their cameras are so expensive.

Neither of them had the AI detections that Wyze has. Their cheaper OG level cameras felt way cheaper and lighter and had worse picture quality imo. No spotlight and no continuous recording either! Lack of continuous recording is a deal breaker for me.

So I ended up buying two flood cam pros, three OGs, two battery cams, and the new v2 doorbell. I’m quite pleased with all of them so far. My workaround for lack of Alexa support is to use the geo trigger (turn on indoor cameras while away). It’s definitely not perfect but it works well enough.

Sure, Wyze has very frustrating limitations, but it’s still the superior system out of the three in my opinion. At some point I will probably reevaluate and look for cameras that have an open API, Home Assistant support, etc. but for now Wyze is more than good enough.


Another workaround that you may consider, one that I am currently using for 9 different Alexa Routines, is to use a Wyze Device that does have On\Off triggers and actions in Alexa as a Smart Relay.

For example… Like the On\Off toggle, Alexa cannot mute individual cam notifications and also can’t do this for a set period of time. Even the Wyze App has no way to do that on its own.

This would require a Timer function in the Wyze App Rules Engine or a Notifications toggle in Alexa Routine Actions. Neither are present. But, Alexa does have the Routine timer and the Wyze App has the Notification toggle action.

I use a Wyze Plug with nothing plugged into it. I can set up a routine to run, or I can use Alexa Voice Commands and tell her to “Turn Off Yard Cam Notifications Plug for 20 minutes”. When the Plug goes off, a Wyze Rule triggers and turns off the Notifications for the cams designated by the Rule. In 20 minutes, when Alexa turns the plug back on, another Wyze Rule turns the notifications back on.

For the Power Toggle, I have 3 cams in my garage that I like to turn off while I am working out there. I tell Alexa “Turn Off Garage Cams Plug”. A Wyze Rule triggers when the plug turns off and turns off the cams. When I tell Alexa to turn the plug back on, another Wyze Rule reverses the first.

In the same way, you can set up a Wyze Plug for each zone you want to Arm and Disarm, turning the Cams On and Off.

That’s brilliant. You had mentioned this before but I totally forgot to try this. As I understand it then, I could get a Wyze plug and have Alexa turn that off when I get home and then have an associated rule in the Wyze app that turns off the indoor cameras?

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Yes. Exactly. I actually use MacroDroid to place a Shortcut Icon on my Home Page. When I press it, MacroDroid sends a Webhook Button Press to Alexa to trigger the Plug On Routine.

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