Wyze Cam V3 - SD Playback Jerky and Distorted

People walking stop, jerk then run and the person in the green box sometimes breaks up like a poor digital broadcast. I’ve got two bars of WiFi at the camera, and cloud playback is fine.

Tried two different cards, one is 128gb Samsung Pro Endurance U1, and the other is an old Kingston 4gb with no markings on it.
I have a 64gb Sandisk High Endurance U3 V30 (10) on order, will this be better and should I have ordered a 32gb for more responsive playback?

I’m planning on just recording events to SD, as continous seems to make it hard to find anything after you get away from the event starting point anyway, so 32gb would likely be plenty of storage.

It’s a known issue. The fix is currently undergoing beta testing and looks promising:


Regardless of the fix are 32gb cards more responsive in the Cam V3, or given my usage I shouldn’t expect to see a differnce between 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb cards?

You have to sign up to be a Beta tester to get that firmware?
Then it’s a manual SC card update or available through the app?

Yes, speed rating aside, smaller capacity is slightly more responsive. That said, I’m having no issues with 128GB Samsung Pro Endurance U1 (and the newer U3) cards running the beta firmware fix. I would replace your old Kingston 4GB cards.


Yes, you need to signup for beta testing via the Google Play Store. All slots were filled a few months ago, but some may have opened up by now. Acceptance (by Google) may take a few days so try not to get too worried. Once accepted, the beta app version will appear as a Wyze app update on your phone/tablet. Once you have the beta Wyze app, to get the firmware update, you’ll need to go to Wyze app Home > Account > About > Beta Program > Edit > select the Wyze Cam v3 checkbox > Save. Then check for firmware updates.

If you are considering jumping to beta, please keep in mind that the purpose of beta is to assist Wyze in uncovering and reporting bugs and usability issues before software and firmware enhancements are released to the general public. That means you will most likely encounter issues… some minor and some major. If you value stability or rely on your Wyze products for security, you may wish to reconsider joining beta.


Thanks for the info, any idea on when this firmware would make it to generally available?


We (mod/maven forum volunteers) really have no idea. Sometimes a week or two, sometimes a month or more depending on beta tester feedback and amount of included functionality and risk.


Is there a reason for this?

There shouldn’t be, but I see the same thing while reviewing footage on my dashcams and DSLR cameras… the larger the capacity, the slower the response when scrolling back.

Just throwing out an idea. Many times my playback stinks from uSD as well. I’ve found that pausing the playback then hitting the rewind button one time (30 seconds) resolves the issue. For the record, I have very inexpensive 32GB uSD cards in all of my cams.

I have had 2 of these go bad in as many years. Three of my v3 cams are mounted outdoors where it is currently 6 degrees F.

Cheap uSD cards - Have had 2 go bad in as many years

Signed up to be a beta tester and updated the app from Google.
In the app: Account, About, Beta Program, I assigned a Cam V3

After a couple of days under Account, Firmware Update, or under Device Info it never showed an update from
Downloaded from the release page and did a manual update, but I have not seen any improvements in SD card playback.

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well here we are… One year later. No fix on my end.

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They either can’t or don’t want to fix this issue as their core business is cloud storage.

I’ve given up waiting, and am switching to a 2K cam from a company well known for their routers.
For about $10 more than a Wyze cam V3 you get sharper 2K video, better low light performance, SD playback that works, on camera AI, no cooldown period All For Free.

Looks like I’m giving up a bit on automations, but it’s a good trade off for me.

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