Wyze Cam v2 detection mystery - Please help!


We had a theft at home of a circular side table in the living room. We have 2 Wyze cams, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. The theft happened between 11:25 am and 11:30 am. I can see the side table present at 1125, but not there at 11:30. When I checked the 12 second clips of what Wyze has in the cloud for the living room, it just shows that the table being present at 11:25, but not in the clip at 11:30.

I think this is a hole in the detection mechanism and I have no idea how it can mysteriously miss this (as part of the motion detetion).

The interesting part is that Wyze motion detection did actually work in the bedroom (which is adjoining to the living room), and we see a person come into the bedroom between 11:25 am and 11:30 am. The question I have is:

  1. Is there anyway to find out why Wyze’s motion detection might have missed capturing anything in the living room during this 5 minute time during which someone took the side table?

  2. Is there a way the 12 second video in the bedroom can be refined as it appears hazy and it’s hard to detect the face of the person.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I’m afraid it seems you are not familiar with a limitation of Wyze’s free service. If you are not paying for CamPlus, there is a purposeful 5 minute blocking period (euphemistically called “cooldown”) after every 12 second recording, during which the camera won’t make any more cloud recordings or detections. You are a victim of that policy. However, if you happen to have an SD card in the camera you can check for video there…

And no, there’s no “Enhance!” feature.


Yes, your SD card should have the full event on it. Hopefully, you had it set to ‘Continuous’ record, but ‘Events Only’ should also have recorded it.

Easiest way to jump to that clip is press the little SD card marked “Playback” at the bottom of the screen when you are visiting the 11:25 AM cloud event clip.


I agree with the others, looks like the incident occurred within the free cloud service cooldown.

Do you have a sd card in the cameras? What are your local storage settings? If you do have a card in and local storage enabled, I would take it out for the time being otherwise the new footage will overwrite the time of the incident (depending on the quality settings, size of card and weither continuous or events only).


These cams only work for continuous recording if as already explained, you use a SD card. Then you can playback to the time frame. Then create a clip from the playback. Of course, you have to do this before the playback is looped over.

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My advise is, do not even subscribe for CamPlus for now if you have a V2 Cam. Wyze is trying to force their customers to upgrade to V3.

There’s an issue that’s going on for weeks now and Wyze has no solution whatsoever. The CamPlus motion detection recorded successfully, but you can’t play the video if you are using a V2 Cam. The video can be played successfully on V3 cam though.

Sent multiple emails and also issue log to Wyze, but no one seems to know what’s going on. I tried all troubleshooting steps and it’s frustrating.

I’d just like to point out, you don’t need “continuous recording” to avoid the cooldown limitation. “Events-Only” recording works, too.

You save on uSD card wear and tear.