Wyze Cam says Offline, but is definitely Online

Same here, though my two misbehaving cam v3s are two of four floodlight cams, which report “device is offline” when viewed as a Group (of four), but the live view is fine. When I then return to the Group view, the camera is no longer offline. I am over 1,000 miles away and can’t seem to remotely restart them or turn them off, even via creating a rule to do so. These two cameras do respond to some commands, however.

One of the two misbehaving cams started this behavior immediately after upgrading to The other cam started a couple of weeks AFTER this upgrade. Odd. I’ll have my homewatch person cycle power to the cams (they’re on a wall-switched circuit), forcing a restart, and see what happens.

Oddly, the floodlights are prone to illuminating immediately when viewed in Group mode.

Yes. This is exactly the same thing with my cams.

Same here, on two v3s cams, one is a floodlight cam and the other a single cam. The floodlight cam started reporting “device is offline” first when viewed in Group, and now a second cam is doing it. In the live view, you can access it fine and all the notifications of motion alerts are received.

My cams are still listed as offline when I return to the Group view after accessing the live view.

Whenever I access the floodlight cam from offline in group mode it turns on. Likewise, my issues appear to have started after the upgrade.

I am disappointed in WYZE support as we have been emailing each other on this for days and now I realize they knew this was an issue but have not addressed it.

As a retired IT, I switched cables, cords, power sources, and all the simple things before contacting them. It would say offline but the router/EERO6 mesh would say it was connected to 2.4 and transmitting data with a strong signal. I sent screenshots of all this with detailed info and it’s obvious by their spin they are hiding it.

I have installed WYZE systems for numerous seniors but that stopped today. Some are having the same problems and I recommended they do not do updates. Hopefully, they will address the issue.


Hi ,
I have had the Cam plus for few days. Frist, it captured good but then only 2 days it started to have problem. it said " vehical" when it was “pet”. It capture motion less and less .and today , only sound when I saw people passed by many time but didnt capture. Tried to get help but only from the app. If any of your tech read this, please , help! thanks

Tried that as well without success. Since it’s apparently working OK I’m not going to worry about it.

They are collecting logs here:

Mine had that issue too, around xmas i Tried all the standard stuff reboot etc etc but just kept offline, then one day after a couple of weeks they all went back to normal !!

I have two, one works perfectly. the other one started offline after few moths( it rally online for 2yrs now) I got to the help support many times but finally gave up.

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I’m hoping the same happens with mine, although showing ‘offline’ doesn’t seem to have much of an impact.

The only impact I have seen with mine is with firmware updates and restarts. You cannot do them through the app as it thinks it’s offline. Your stuck stuck with what you have! My cam is on a Floodlight cam so it involves a ladder for any cam issues.

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I had two go offline and one (cam v3) came back after a power off. The second is a floodlight cam and I have tried everything but nothing worked.

Well, I don’t know how it happened but it just went online today after about 2 months.

Interesting so did my floodlight cam! They must have done something in the software. I didn’t download anything and I guess we will never know how it was fixed.

Update Jan 28, 2022 - Five weeks after I posted about the group cam offline issue, my floodcam group view now seems corrected; the four cams no longer appear offline when in group view. I’ve noticed incremental improvements over the last several days. I’m convinced the fix was on the server (Wyze) side, and not with the devices, as the cams were not updated or powered on/off. (Well, a buddy powered them on/off for me a couple of weeks ago, but it did not correct the issue).

It’s great to have the group cam view working properly!

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After Jan28,2022 firmware update V2.
Same problems.

Off-line on Static screen
cannot Restart through App,
Cannot turn off camera through App.

Unplug does not work.
Power off Router won’t work

Wyze needs to fixbthis problem.

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Tired of my “security” system going offline all the time,. Tired of reliability issues overall. Bought new system, canceled subscriptions, and will continue replacing remaining devices. Sorry Wyze, but your priorities seem to be with shareholders at customer expense.


log number 453279

Wyze needs to reset account at aws. I do not th8nk can fix this problem

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Can you tell me if the live view and events both work when the cam appears offline? I will get the log to the team Thank you

If this is still happening or if it happens again can you submit the log this way. Go to Live View of the affected camera, go to settings (gear in upper right), go to Wyze Support (near bottom) and submit the log from there and post that new log number here.


Live view works.

Submitted log(s)



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