Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position

@Known1 Hahaha! Followed by “should have tested before launch” :smiley:

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I have 2 Pan Cam 3’s and same issue, No RTZ also, we get snow and the camera tries to track snow so I always find the camera in weird positions, I set the sensitivity to 1 and it still tracks snow. :man_facepalming:

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Broke my rule of not buying tech products at launch date and these cameras have revalidated my reason for the rule. I’m having the same issues as documented here with my two Pan Cam V3s. Fingers crossed a firmware release will sort this out.


I have to know, does it pay to be a rebel rule breaker or do you now suffer from buyers remorse?

Swapped them in place of two perfectly functional brand X Pro cams that go EOL next month. Timing was ripe and I figured with the supply chain drama these could go out of stock fast for who knows how long. Time will tell if firmware will resolve some of the bugs.

Since not a major purchase, there’s really no buyer’s remorse.

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I have 3 and this is frustrating


LOL what’s even worse is, the Cam cannot distinguish between snow and a car…Sensitivity set to 1 and still tries to track snow falling. Had to turn off tracking and kept the Pan on, but if it sees movement, it doesn’t care, it goes to the predefined location at the set interval.

On my pans, I set a “Waypoint” for the position I want it to stay in. Just 1 way point that it can ever turn to. Then I also allow “Track Motion” and because of this, it always goes back to the home Waypoint I want as default.

This is the way. :slight_smile:

Well, they should fix it to work like the others did too, but this might be a solution for some people.

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I’ve done the same thing, and yet it still eventually does not go back to the correct place

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Do you have pan scanning turned on too? If you have a waypoint and pan scanning on, it should always scan back to the home waypoint.

I have the same behavior on 3 cams.

  • Pan Scan ON, 4 identical Waypoints set
  • Detection Zone ON, identical to Waypoints
  • Track Motion ON

Eventually, after chasing every form of motion, to include that within the Excluded DZ, the cam sets it’s own home point at random. Sometimes I will open it and it will be nearly 90° off.

If I touch one of the preset waypoints, it “should” return to that set point. However it does not. If the cam pans on motion and I then touch a waypoint, it still returns to the previous incorrect spot.

If I manually pan the cam to it’s stop, then press a waypoint, it will then return to the originally set spot, but still just a few pixels off. Never where it should.

The return to home function is unquestionably broke. With every pan track on motion, the home spot just gets a little worse. If you watch the SD Playback you can see that it just continually compounds its inaccuracy to return to home on every scan until it is completely turned around.

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Yes, Pan scan is on and this partially takes care of the problem. But it doesn’t come back 00% to the way points, but my bigger problem is with the sensing software, as I have the pan scan on, I want to track movement, etc, but snow also is considered movement even with sensitivity set to1, so the camera goes nuts when it’s snowing.

Unfortunately, in my experience, all Wyze cams go into convulsions when it is snowing (or raining, or foggy). Especially when in IRNV w\ the emitters on. Given that the PanV3 is a PTZ that moves on motion as well as records, it just makes it that much more pronounced.

Rather than changing your sensitivity settings that you will have to change back, you might just want to mute notifications on that cam or on the app until the weather subsides.

But, I don’t think you are going to find a motion detecting IP cam that ignores snow as motion. I bought 6 Wyze Cams with the intention of installing them for my parents. My brother beat me to it and installed 6 POE cams. Each cam costs more than what I paid for the 6 Wyze cams. My Dad called me Sunday for “Tech Support” asking why he got over 100 notifications because it was snowing. :man_shrugging:




@carverofchoice I had tried it with one waypoint earlier, and it did not behave any different than not having waypoints. I changed it to two waypoints very close together, and it seems to help a little bit, but it stll stays off. Depending upon what it tracked last, it decides how much off it will be when it comes back to the waypoints. Did you wait long enough before you got excited that this works? Check it right now to see if it is still at the exact home position you set and not even a little bit off.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it’s not behaving the same way the previous 2 models did and it needs some debugging with a firmware update.

It does seem to me like setting a waypoint has helped it be more consistent though, but it definitely has not been consistently returning back to the EXACT position every time, though often it will. Mine seems to mostly shift slightly to the right little by little. Though sometimes it won’t. I’m trying to understand when it decides to act as it should vs when it doesn’t return, because mine seems to return as expected sometimes, but it could have to do with the position I have mine set up. I’ll have to pay closer attention.

The detection zone problem is not unique to Pan v3. Detection zones never worked (Pan Cam and Cam v3). In fact, if you turn off all zones the cameras will still detect motion. I suppose Wyze is too busy with pushing out new products to worry about fixing anything.

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I have not experienced the same. I have many V3 cams with the Detection Zone on and Zones Excluded. They work as intended. Also, I test every new Beta for the V3 and the effectiveness of the DZ Overlap AI Detection feature. It exceeded my expectations in testing.

Thank you for confirming that. That is exactly how the cams are designed to operate. Good to know it is working.

Don’t get smart. Off or on, light or dark, or whatever label you want to give it. Set all zones one way and the cameras detect. Set the zones all the other way and they detect. Turn OFF the detection switch and the cameras detect. If there is a magic trick or setting I’m not aware of it. Consider yourself lucky that the features you expected actually work. Buy a lottery ticket.

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I agree that the the Cam Pan V3 detection zones are not working properly. I have documented them panning on motion in the Excluded portion of the DZ when they are close to the border between the Included and Excluded areas. If they are deep enough into the Excluded area, they seem to be ignored. However we shouldn’t need to pad the Excluded DZ to produce results.

However it is inaccurate to say this is the case on all the cams mentioned, if the DZ function is toggled off, it will detect all motion within the entire FOV.

On the V3 cams, I have found success in setting the Excluded areas pretty tight and getting good results. However, if the sensitivity of the cam is too high, there is a distinct risk of lighting changes, shadows, or miniscule motion within the Included DZ setting off a motion event that isn’t being motion tagged while there is also motion in the Excluded DZ. Since Wyze does not mark the motion that initiated the Motion Event, it is very difficult to determine which movement produced the motion event. The green motion tagging box does not always mark all motion or what triggered the motion event and is ignored by all detection and AI software.

That being said, if a person or vehicle that is clearly 100% within the Excluded DZ is being tagged as AI in CamPlus or CamPlus Lite (provided there are absolutely no other objects that might be mistaken for a person or a vehicle in any part of the Included DZ), then there is an issue that needs to be looked at.

I set up this test to show the effectiveness of the DZ on a Cam V3 and how it will start detecting only when there is motion in the Included Zone. Note that ONLY when the movement occured in the Included DZ was a Motion Event uploaded to the Events Tab. No motion that stayed within the Excluded DZ produced a Motion Event. Yet, when an object is both inside and outside of the Included Zone, it will motion tag the entire object and the AI will consider the entire object for AI interrogation and tagging.