Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position

I just got one of the Cam3 Pan’s. Reading all of the above I’m confused.

My camera doesn’t always return to the home position. Is this still a bug? Or do I not have something set right? I have set a detection zone position which I was led to believe is the home position.

First thing you need to do is turn off detection zone in your settings … The next thing you’re going to do is set the camera where you want your home position to be then turn on detection zone.

And one more thing if you use pan scan it will turn off detection zone so you have to make sure you turn detection zone back on if you want your camera to go back to the home position that’s why I never use pan scan. So always turn off detection zone when setting your home position once you do that turn on detection zone and you’re all set

I don’t use pan scan, but I do use track motion. So went back into detection zone. Turned off. Set camera position, then turned detection zone back on. Will see if that works.

I use motion tracking also but don’t forget if there is a strong light that comes on the camera will go right to that light so just be aware of what the camera is looking at… the pan cam V3 is a great camera you will understand how it works after you use it for a while.

Yes. It is still an issue with the PanV3.

It is being updated, when available, in this thread:

Wyze what’s the fix?? I see that these issues date back to Feb!! My new PanV3 is described in all the above scenarios. I find it far left in the mornings and unable to rotate right as the end marker has changed on it own. Waypoints shift and return to home alternates on its own. Sounds like a recall is due asap. A firmware fix would’ve been completed months ago.

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Mine started not going back to its waypoints as well. and now when i try to move it back it says i’ve reached the end. I have a big suspicion that I will need to climb my ladder and go reset the screw as somehow the motor has moved? I’ll do that on a nice day this week and cross my fingers that it fixes the issue.

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All you have to do is run it in the opposite direction and it will realize it’s all messed up.

I tried and it just stops at its maximum. :frowning:

One of my first PanV3 cams did this. After being mounted and the full rotation travel range verified, it turned completely backwards and the rotation limiter stops seemed like they “moved”. The plug was still located in the same spot that I had mounted it, directly in the back, but now the cam was rotating thru that area and the limiter stops were somewhere out in front. I tried to fix it by manually repositioning the cam, but it didn’t help and I would warn you against doing that. Very shortly after that, the cam went completely legs up and died. Wyze replaced it under warranty.

Have you used the Reset Position feature in the Advanced Settings, Motor Controls?

I just tried it and it still is stuck. I’ll be proactive and open a ticket with Wyze and see what happens. thanks for all the help :slight_smile: any other tips and tricks welcomed before I hit the ladder.

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mine is chasing the deck curtain that will move in the wind, even though its not part of my DZ. Keep resetting the waypoints only for it to ignore it.

If you are using the DZ with Pan Scan Waypoints, that DZ is only going to be accurate to the one waypoint for which the DZ is set. That is why the cam will automatically shut off the DZ when you enable Pan Scan.

Additionally, since Wyze uses Overlap Logic, even if the physical boundaries of the object in motion are fully inside the Excluded DZ, the boundaries of the Bounding Box (green Motion Tracking Box) are what determines if the cam includes or ignores the object in motion. If this box overlaps into the Included DZ, the cam will include all contents of the box as if it were fully within the Included DZ. If you also have Track Motion enabled, the cam is off to the races like an ADHD toddler with a sugar buzz.

Now add in the Drift issue and the Cam is useless.

All my PanV3 cams are static until there is a fix.

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I just turned off everything and left it positioned to see the full deck. I’m tracking the outdoor cats and a stupid raccoon.

Like you and everyone else waiting for that fix, because when it worked it worked well. Could see when the cats came by, stopped to eat, and when they left. Could see if they had eaten all the food. Could track when the raccoon climbed the deck railing to steal food or try and sneak into the cat house.

Glad this is not a very important camera in my system. But still…WYZE!!!

I have the pan V3 but right next to it I have a regular V3 camera so I don’t miss anything lol

The latest stunt my cams are pulling is running out of control when trying to drive them. :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Since, like so many others, I’ve been forced to disable tracking on all of them, I’ve encountered this behavior where routine attempts to move them to a different position results in the cam simply running away in some direction, slamming into a limit and sending “You’ve reached the end.” as of I had banged on the joystick pad rapidly in some direction. The only way I’ve found to get control of it again is to reset it from within the app.

And so it goes. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Yes sometimes it goes crazy lol

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All of the above.
Plus now “reset” in the app does not work. Will be requesting new one. This one lasted about 4 months before the left & right controls shut down, reset won’t work. Cam pan v3 is a bust, when refunded, I’ll install a 1 position V3.

I’ve also had to disable motion tracking due to this issue which was a main feature that i purchased a camera for was to track motion, very disappointing this has been broken for as long as it has with no fix when so many other brand cameras I’ve had in the past never had this issue.