Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position

The camera doesn’t zoom on its own. Maybe time to change your password, or maybe there is some glitch with the app where it is sending commands to the camera?

If you have motion tracking and pan/scan off it should not move on its own at all. If you have them on check your settings, maybe you have waypoints that are messed up or sensitivity is too high.

One of mine will follow bugs that are attracted to the infrared lights at night, but turning the sensitivity down helped.


You have it shared with someone else? They probably moved it manually and left it there.


My V3 just recently got all crazy, I believe after the last update. No detectives n zones or anything turned on, I have 4 locations set, one to the sidewalk to the house, one to the driveway, one to the road, and one ti cover the neighbor’s yard for them. As of Wednesday it will not keep the locations. Everytime I go to view the camera it’s pointing back at the window, it’s almost like it turned all the waypoints 180⁰. I’ve reset the points multiple times now and it keeps doing the same thing. I’m going to reset the whole thing and re-add it today and see if that helps, if not just contact support and get some advice there. They’ve worked great since I got them months ago until just this week.

Hi everyone, I am a tester for Wyze, and I tested this feature repeatedly. There is a bug; no matter how low of a setting I set this, it chases the leaves and bushes. The camera sensor can not tell what a person or a brush is because it tells me that a person is a bush, and sometimes it is a person or an animal. I set this up 20 feet away, and the Wi-Fi on this unit is horrifying, especially if you live in military housing with concrete walls and steel doors; I set up a repeater outside on a 2.5 megahertz, but it’s not responding to it, then I added a 20 foot USB cord extender adapter with a plug in the adapter wall outlet to boost and that worked until it didn’t. So far, this is my second unit that has gone bad. These cameras are not worth putting outside! I think they are great indoors or on your patio, away from the rain or snow. They are the worst cameras for outside weathering the elements. That is my conclusion so far after one motor locked up on me and the other the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach my router. My router is the latest router that money can buy. My modem is the latest modem that money can buy. Neither the modem nor Router are from Cox cable. I prefer to tweak my own system so I am in control.

I having only but troubles, i have 5 different ones, v3 pro, pan can v3 etc.
I reboot them every night. Turning off the mesh wifi it works a bit better, even installed a wifi repeater outside and one meter away they have only 2 bars range, all settings are off for motion tracking.

The camera sensor and the firmware on the camera is incapable of identifying any object. PanV3 cams have no onboard AI. They only see motion thru a change in the light\color\shading pixelation in the FOV. Your sensitivity setting only determines the relative degree of cumulative pixelation changes required to trigger the upload to the server where the Server AI Engine then interrogates each still image frame for an object that resembles one of your selected objects.

Because the AI Engine does not measure or recognize motion, it is possible that something within your FOV, usually not the actual object ‘moving’ or the one marked by the green Motion Tagging box if you have that enabled, resembles the shape or outline of the object being tagged.

The AI gets updated regularly. When it does, it sometimes starts tagging objects and shadows that were never previously tagged. This starts to slow down after users submit training videos for the next update.

Yes. The PanV3 is very succeptible to connectivity loss due to a poor signal. Moreso than any other cam I have tested. But, it only works on 2.4GHz. Not sure if that was a typo or the wrong freequency. Also, the cam has an affinity for the root router to which it is initially attached. If you install a new extender\AP, it may take a reboot of the network, the cam, or a reinstall for it to connect to the extender\AP.

Not sure what that is. Power or EoP WiFi?

I have all four of mine outdoors in the elements since installing them when they released. The outdoor rating isn’t the issue.

The Pan V3 has 3 weaknesses right now: Antaenna is far too weak, it is highly succeptible to low power glitches, and the motor gearing lash \ home calibration is faulty.

I have about 20 cameras and other stuff connected to my wifi like the TV , lightbulbs and all kinds of crap at first I was running a Wi-Fi router that was 15 years old from spectrum originally Bright House and I used to have some issues but since I upgraded to the new Wi-Fi 6 router from spectrum everything has been flawless. Even my furthest cameras away on the other side of a tree has great signal the best thing I ever did was change the equipment your cameras are only as good as the signal that’s reaching them. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is not enclosed in anything you don’t want to reduce the signal.

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I just got one of the Cam3 Pan’s. Reading all of the above I’m confused.

My camera doesn’t always return to the home position. Is this still a bug? Or do I not have something set right? I have set a detection zone position which I was led to believe is the home position.

First thing you need to do is turn off detection zone in your settings … The next thing you’re going to do is set the camera where you want your home position to be then turn on detection zone.

And one more thing if you use pan scan it will turn off detection zone so you have to make sure you turn detection zone back on if you want your camera to go back to the home position that’s why I never use pan scan. So always turn off detection zone when setting your home position once you do that turn on detection zone and you’re all set

I don’t use pan scan, but I do use track motion. So went back into detection zone. Turned off. Set camera position, then turned detection zone back on. Will see if that works.

I use motion tracking also but don’t forget if there is a strong light that comes on the camera will go right to that light so just be aware of what the camera is looking at… the pan cam V3 is a great camera you will understand how it works after you use it for a while.

Yes. It is still an issue with the PanV3.

It is being updated, when available, in this thread: