Wyze Cam Pan - Keeps restarting/resetting on it's own

I would highly recommend anyone having this issue to please submit a support request through the app, complete with logs. Then post your support tickets number in this thread. I will see what I can do to get some visibility on this.

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the previous website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.


Ticket 233171.

Wyzecam Pan restarting issue. Log sent as well.

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How has it been since you posted, magikman74? Has the camera been continuing to reset?

@Chance_Ill, I’ll draw attention to your ticket for you. :slight_smile:

I have submitted a ticket, to which response was to reset and reset up the camera again which was done. The issue was not resolved and camera kept randomly rebooting on its own. A replacement camera received is doing same thing.

How can I read the logs myself to figure out what is happening ?
Will the logs even show anything useful in order to understand what is happening and is causing the camera to randomly reboot and reset it’s position to a default straight pointing?

The logs have a key and you won’t be able to read them properly. Did you let your support agent know that the replacement is doing the same thing? And is this happening with multiple outlets?

Yes it is happening in multiple outlets throughout the home. The replacement one has been running slightly better, not sure whether it is due to the firmware of it not being updated intentionally and left old version it was shipped with.

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Hi, so it began to reboot more often, at least twice in 24 hour period. Updated firmware to the latest and still no change. Also, the talk function works differently from the regular cam, you push the mic button and it stays on, you have to click it again again after done speaking, I believe that you also have to invite the cam to be able to listen again. On regular cam you hold and speak, release and it goes back to listening mode.

I’m not sure 100%, but it seems that rebooting issue is solely related to pan cams only, although there is no real way to check regular cam except for reviewing time laps from the day. Wish there be a better way to see recording time like in a 24 hour graphics like other cams have and show section in different color where motion had occurred or another event took place.

Just had it reboot twice in a two hour time frame. Looking at video logs it comes up to a next minute in seconds and as it approaches on to 00 from 59 seconds or even 01 from 00 the recording stops and is missing for about 2-3 minutes while reboot process is in progress.

I have 6 Wyzecam Pan’s (purchased at different times, latest 2 just this week) and nearly all of them reboot at least once a day. I can tell because the tilt is usually moved back to the default position after reboot. As a workaround I point them carefully to where they will reset to. I have most of the features turned off, and use manual panning only. It’s not a deal breaker yet, but really needs to be something Wyzecam needs to at least try and address.

Do you have an SD card in the problem camera? Try removing it to see if the reboot problem persists, or not. If the problem goes away, please try formatting the SD card in a PC (some people use a GoPro) and then re-install in the camera.

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I’ve tried with and without SD card i stalled. The reboots are not related to the SD card as brandnew one is used.
From what I noticed is that it reboot when camera is turned in my case it is to the right, will readjust its base shortly to have it turned left to duplicate the problem and confirm my suspicions isolating the issue to one area. Note that while camera pointed straight, it does not reboot.

While rebooting, what is it’s behavior? Does it move fully each direction and then re-center?

Yes it does. It is like it’s having its power disconnected and reconnected and it boots up to its default center position.

This is starting to sound like a power supply issue. Please check the following:

  • Is the Pan connected to the included power supply? V1 and V2 power supplies are NOT powerful enough for the Pans. The power supply should have a minumum output of 5V/2000mA.
  • Is the Pan daisy chained to another camera? (same issue as above)
  • Is the Pan connected to the power supply via the included cord, or is it an extended length one from a 3rd party?
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Both cameras use power supply and cable that came with them in the box, no extensions nor daisychain. One camera has the wyze sense plugged into it and it had the same rebooting problem prior the sense being released.

I’m at a loss, even though this still sounds like a power issue to me. What has Wyze support recommended to you so far?

Had shipped out a replacement camera with old firmware that wasn’t updated for a while until the issue just randomly reappeared with it running an old firmware, updated firmware and issue got worse, more frequent reboots.

So the problem seems to be more prone to uccuring when cam is turned to the right, had it turned to the left towards the wall and seemed more stable. I’ll try to have it placed so that it’ll be turned left and pointed toward the area that needs to be monitored. We’ll see if it behaves differently.
Note that the IR is turned on to auto.

What other users are noticing is causing the cam to randomly reboot ??

OK this issue is just going backwards. I’ve posted here multiple times about this issue.

My PanCam has been restarting at least once every day or two for as long as I’ve owned it (over a year). I’ve learned to live with that, but now I updated firmware the other day to and my PanCam is rebooting many times per day now.

My wife told me the thing has been restarting and spinning around like every 30 minutes. I pull up the playback on that camera and sure enough - it shows gaps in the playback about every half hour but I see times where it rebooted 10 mins apart and some time where it booted an hour-ish apart.

I don’t know why Wyze can’t get a grip on this issue. I also have 2 of the V2 cameras and those never reboot.

Please Wyze techs - find a solution to this.

Is anything being done about the random reboots ??

It seems like once in a while a wyze member drops in asking same questions in regards to the cam behavior and then after hearing same answers just plainly and rudely goes missing leaving everyone hanging all alone with their randomly rebooting wyze pancams.

What is going on, heck it is not that difficult for wyze members to replicate the problem. Take the cam out of the box set it up and monitor it’s behavior for awhile.