Wyze Cam Pan: Can't view recordings on PC

My Wyze Cam Pan WYZECP1 works perfectly, recording everything all day long to its 32GB micro SD card. But when I remove that card and put it into my PC, the only things I can see are three weirdly-named files. I can’t do anything with them, and if I try to copy the files to my hard drive, it doesn’t work.

I’ve fully updated the camera’s firmware. I’ve tried using more than one micro SD card reader, a full-sized SD card reader with an adapter, different USB ports on my computer, and trying to see the actual video files in both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20.3, but I can’t see my videos at all; when I put the micro SD card back into the camera, everything is still there, just as it was before I removed the card. I want to get them onto my computer so I can make a sped-up video of an entire 24-hour period, but that seems impossible at this point. Is there any way at all to see my recordings on my PC, or on anything other than the Wyze app?

Not sure if it is related, but why do you see two F drives? I’ve connected multiple SD cards to my Ubuntu systems without any problems. The cards should be fat32 format. Have you tried different cards?

That’s just one F drive, it just has two links to it on the side there, a side effect of how I have my layout set up. Both would bring you to the same place.

The card is FAT32, I even had the camera itself format it. I’ve tried multiple cards, and they all end up this way.

Here is what I see on ubuntu (note: using RTSP on the camera):

Holy crap, mine looks nothing like that.

EDIT: I just dug out and tried my other Wyze Cam Pan, and that one works. I have no idea what the issue is with this one.