Wyze Cam Outdoor & Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Testing 2/24/2021

Wyze Cam Outdoor

Firmware Version:

  • 4.17.1. 33

What’s New:

  • Added support for recording Cam Plus Events while viewing the Wyze Cam Outdoor live stream

Wyze Plug Outdoor

Firmware Version:

  • 1.2.0. 83

What’s New:

  • Fixed energy monitoring bugs

My IOS Beta App 2.18.12. I cannot find the Outdoor plug Beta FW to update. Any suggestions?

My outdoor camera shows up as off line in my app since I updated to 4.17.133, though the camera seems to work when I click on it. I say seems because I’m not getting any notifications but then again, I wasn’t getting them either with the prior firmware. Note: The camera also shows up as status unknown under Account->Firmware update…

I’m using the android app, version 2.18.12.

I’m using base station firmware and I’ve also tried resetting the camera by turning it on and off.

Since I pu

I have similar issues with outdoor cams. IOS App 2.18.12 beta WOC FW OC Base FW
Have 2 WOC in 1 cam group, both show up as offline in group view, but stream video when selected.
App FW update tab show both WOC as Status Unknown , but correct FW versions reported.

Sounds like we found the same bug.

I just updated my base station firmware with and that fixed my WOC showing as off-line.

I tried to update the WOC to first like it wanted me to bug to a device off-line error message.

As the device is working properly again, I’ve not yet tried the WOC update a second time yet.

Updated WCO Base FW and WCO Cams FW
The earlier offline issues are not there.

Ok, I’m going to try updating my WCO again.

Update successful this time and still no offline error.

How can you manually update? I’m having same issue showing Offline. Says I’m up to date with

Are you running the beta app and have you enabled the beta program in the app under account → about?

I am not. I had to revert back to older update, then the newest one popped up after I did that. I’m now up to date with All is working now.

The earlier offline issues and giving video feed when touched just re-started just now.
The symptoms are exactly the same.

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