Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 is region locked?

Hi all and Wyze Customer Service Team

I am looking to purchase Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 from your online store and ship it to a US forwarder and send it over to Singapore where I am based. Note that it is not available in Singapore.

I have some questions:
1)is the camera or Wyze app ‘region locked’?
2) is the warranty covered in Singapore or Malaysia when the products are purchased from your online store?
3) ‎WVOD1B1 is Wyze Cam Outdoor v1?

Use Cases:

  1. To place either Wyze Cam V3 or Wyze Outdoor Cam V2 inside the car when it is parked at any time of the day. The cameras should be able to detect any movement from other people or vehicles at the front or back of the car. It will be offline too.

  2. The cameras will be placed on the property when the electrical supply may be cut off and the cameras should be able to record too without any internet access.

Previously, I bought an outdoor camera and it is region locked which is a disappointment.

If the first Wyze Cam I bought is working well, I will be purchasing other models to replace my current wifi camera setup.

Thank you.


Singapore, one of my favorite places !. This is a user to user forum with a few people that work for WYZE that visit from time to time. If you have power available I think you would be better off purchasing a V3 camera depending on your needs. I have 4 of the Version One Battery powered outdoor cams that I purchased in 2020 and they are suitable for my use but they are not for everyone due to limitations on recording. I know there is another WYZE user here that is in Singapore and they had an issue of connecting to their cam via cellular data, it worked on their Wi-Fi network but they had issues connecting via a remote location on cell. I will see if I can find to old post and if it got resolved. I don’t know about warranty, you could call WYZE Support at 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226. I think the hours are 4AM-8PM M-F US Pacific time and 8AM-4PM Saturday US Pacific time.
There are users here from many different countries so I do not think the cams are region locked.

*****EDIT Here is the old post, The user in Singapore got his issue resolved.

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Hi Antonius

Thank you for the warm reply.

I am looking at Wyze Outdoor Cam V2’s Travel mode or Wyze Cam V3 with a 10,000 mAh power bank.

I think you did mention that the glass/windscreen may not be able to detect any motion in another post. So I will take a bet with it or I will just enable the recording at all times, 3-6hrs at a go.

Thank you for the post on the topic you mentioned.

The battery power cam does not detect through glass. Are you trying to use the camera in a vehicle like a dash cam? There are some members that have used the wired version of the V2 cam (Not the Outdoor V2) and V3 cams to record in vehicles but they had to set up the cam on Wi-Fi at home. There is a complicated post about that around someplace. The battery powered V2 cam will record continuous to a SD card in the cam using scheduled event recording, continuous but it will kill the battery in 6 hours or less. The SD has to be a 32GB card or maybe a 64GB card formatted in FAT32 for the outdoor V2 and the ability to view what is on the SD is an awkward affair. Your use situation sounds complicated :rofl:
The V3 cam can record through window.

One post:


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Hi Antonius

Yes, I am trying to use Cam V3 or Outdoor Cam V2 as a cheaper alternative to a car dash cam.

Good to know that Cam V3 can record through the window and maybe I try to use 128GB card instead.

I am thinking to use my iPhone’s hotspot that has the same wifi settings as my home so I can ‘trick’ it to get the Cameras to work at the start.

I am trying to save costs so I happen to have a complicated situation. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your links and I happen to see the comment below.