Wyze Cam on  Apple TV

I see a variety of apps on my  Apple TV that support various wireless or wifi cams on the market. Does anyone know of any  Apple TV apps that would recognize the Wyze Cam? Please share if you do!


Your what TV ? At least on a desktop PC, whatever logo or emoji you entered became a non-printable character, so I (and presumably anyone else using a computer rather than a phone to view this), has no idea what you are asking about.



thanks for the heads up :wink:

He was asking about viewing Wyze on Apple Tv. Did you try to see if Wyze app can be downloaded to the Apple Tv since they share the similar code base? Will try if I get a chance later this week


Sorry for reviving this old topic but I’d love to have an Apple TV app for checking on my wyze cams.


I really need this apple TV version of the wyze app