Wyze Cam OG Telephoto

Hi there,

I have a huge complaint regarding my Wyze Cam OG Telephoto. I supposedly installed it at an angle where It is directly in front of my driveway which is pretty long until you get to my house. The thing is at night I get no notifications from cars coming in. The headlights from the cars just make the screen go white and they can literally drive all the way up to my house and I get no notifications whatsoever. Then my other camera that is by my door has to then notify me there someone there. Way too late! Is there a way to fix this? This is how they advertise on using the Telephoto on a long driveway but its pointless at night.
As a side note please fix Wyze Cam Portal to view the cameras on the web browser. I wish it had the same stability as the App. Or make an app for desktop so I can view it on my mac or windows computer. I have to keep clicking on reconnect so I can view cameras again. I noticed when the camera senses movement and sends notifications the cameras on web view start to get slow and freeze. Not all the time but most of the times they start dropping frames and freezing.
Please fix, I bought the yearly subscription because I believe in your guys brand!

Can you post a screen capture of your event settings. Is the camera outside or looking through a window? One of the cameras pointed through my front yard is a OG-Tele, and I just looked at events since midnight for the OG and a couple of V3 cameras. Every time one of the V3s detected a car, so did the OG-Tele.

If the headlights are washing out the entire frame then the AI won’t be able to identify a car. You should try to move the camera to a different angle where the headlights aren’t shining directly into it.

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