Wyze Cam FloodLight Pro on Synology

Just bought this device and I am having a hard time getting it connected to my Synology Surveillance Station. I am not sure where the RTSP setting.

I believe there is only one way to do this currently.

What doesn’t work :

  • The FLPro doesn’t come with RTSP (so it won’t work right out of the box)
  • FLPro doesn’t have special RTSP firmware that can be loaded onto it (so you can’t get it to work straight from Wyze).
  • Docker Wyze Bridge doesn’t seem to support FLPro yet because it’s not using the TUTK SDK like many of the other cameras that Docker Wyze Bridge supports. mrlt8 was working on an alternate method that will hopefully work with some of the other cameras that also don’t have TUTK, but who knows how long that will take.

What does work:

Tiny Cam Pro DOES support the Floodlight Pro, so this is likely the only possible way to get an RTSP stream for it at the moment.
Once you have the camera entered into Tiny Cam Pro, you’ll have to run a Tiny Cam Pro server. If you want it to run 24/7 then you’ll need either an old android phone that you can just leave somewhere in the house, or run an Android emulator on a computer that you leave on all the time. Then you can grab the RTSP stream from the Tiny Cam Pro app and put that into Surveillance station.

I don’t think there are any other options at the moment, though Docker Wyze Bridge will probably eventually have an alternative option.


i have some problem and i dont fund a solution yet i guest its come with not puth (RTSP) . its not fair for wyze peaple

Wyze said they currently have no plans for supporting RTSP on any of their devices. There are some 3rd party projects that have been offering workarounds for this though. One of the most popular are Docker Wyze Bridge, but it only supports cameras that use the TUTK protocol, and unfortunately, this means that the Floodlight Pros do not work with that option.

Another option is using Tiny Cam Monitor Pro:

With that app running on an old Android Phone or Tablet, you can run it as a “Tiny Cam Pro Server” and then you are able to get an RTSP link for any camera which can then be used for Synology or Home Assistant or whatever else you want.

I think a Tiny Cam Pro server is the only option for the Floodlight Pro and the other cameras that aren’t using TUTK (Battery Cam Pro, Floodlight Pro, VDBPro, OG), to get a converted RTSP link.