Wyze Cam - Beta Person Detection video sharing to improve AI - Need options on video upload

I am using the latest version of the app and I noticed that when you get a Person notification, it gives you the option to upload the video to improve AI.
I recall when Wyze was using XNOR AI, it used to then give an additional prompt to ask a “real human”…I saw person…I did not see a person.
How does Wyze plan to use this videos that meta-data to improve person detection.
Sorry, if this is already reported, I am not very active on the forum.

it is based on the confidence level, if wyze is not sure if it is a person, the upload option appears, otherwise the video is not needed.

I have the option to share every video. I share the ones that captured a person but did not tag it as such.

Same here, that option upload is on every video. Having hundreds of uploaded videos without a human tagging as seeing a person or not is not going to improve AI.

Some more info…