Wyze Cam Android Minimum System Requirements

I am about to buy an Acer Iconia tablet running Android 7.0.
It comes with 16 gb of flash storage but only 1 GB of DDR3 memory?

Is that going to be sufficient to run Wyze Cam?

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What model?

There are many Acer Iconia Tab models. With the limited specs you did provide I can tell that this is an old model and IMHO not worth paying for. Now if it is being given to you gratis, okay.

If you have a small budget, get an Amazon Kindle Fire (8 or 10-inch) and add the Google Play Store to it. The instructions are in this link.


Wow, there are a lot of models, all right:

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Depends on what you mean about “run Wyze Cam”. I’ve a Samsung J3 with similar specs. My main problem was that I had a lot of apps such that out of the 16GB about 14 were used for the core Android and apps. Which left little room for the “big” time lapses I wanted to do. I was constantly moving items around to free file space. If you don’t need the extra memory room 16GB might suffice.

I bought a refurb Amazon Fire 10. (actually it’s a color Kindle).
NOTE - AMAZON FIRE IS NOT SUPPORTED BY WYZE. Though there is community support here.
ALSO some apps REQUIRE LOCATION. Most of the Amazon Fire’s DO NOT HAVE GPS.

That written it’s an excellent display and a great bang for the buck.