Wyze cam and VPN On a Router?

I am changing routers, for a more, “so called”.
“WiFi 6, AX, 4&5G”, faster stronger & more up to date model.

My question is, if I install a simple VPN, on my router.
What affect will this have on my connection to my devices, Home Mom, Wyze Sense & Cams (V2, V3, Pan 2/3, OG, Lamp Soc, Out door V1 & Battery Cam Pro).

I don’t want to go through with it, if it’s going to cause problems.
If it does, can I change the settings, to leave Wyze alone & VPN the others ?

The tech world has left me behind (1997-present).

There’s more tech & trouble makers, out there now, than my brain can handle.

Let me know ?
Old Great & Powerful Wyze Forum !

As Always,
Thx, in advance!

VPN server or VPN client? What brand of router or model?