Wyze cam and google nest hub integration question

Is it possible to configure Wyze cam to automatically display a specific camera or all cameras on Google nest hub when Wyze cam detects motion?

I don’t know if this functionality currently exists to trigger Wyze cam video on nest hub when a motion alert is received. If not, has anybody successfully accomplished this using any workarounds such as tasker or IFTTT etc… ?

If so, please share how you did it.

It is not an option for Nest cameras that have tighter integration with Google (er I mean Nest) hubs so I’m not holding my breath that it will be available on Wyze any time soon. Wyze’s current integration is using the nest hub as a casting device which is a much slower than the integration with Nest Cam products. I’ve not seen any connected products or services that trigger the Nest hub to react other than the Nest Hello …I could be wrong.

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I have been able to link mine but can’t get the stream to show on my Nest hub screen, it took two tries to get it even to respond and try and stream. Now all I get is a Blank black screen…

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