Wyze Bulb- Motion Sensor

I know the Wyze Bulb is only in testing stages but had a quick question. I understand using the motion sensors we can set one of the cameras to record video once activated. Would it be possible for a Wyze Bulb to turn on once the sensor is activated. Example would be if the front door is open a light would come on. If that is possible can it be set for certain hours. I think it is a nice feature and also could be helpful burglary tool which could possibly scare an invader to the house.
Thank you

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Actually the Wyze bulb is in the “Whoops, should have shipped but we made a small mistake and should ship REAL SOON”

I believe that is what they are doing at around 5:46 here.

Awesome. Exactly what I needed. Another reason why I can not wait for the bulb to show up at my doors.