Wyze Bulb making buzzing sound

Just received my pack of 4 bulbs the other day and set them up just now. I like them so far except that they seem to emit a slight buzzing sound. It’s not terribly loud, but you can definitely hear when 4 of them are in the light fixture above the dining room table. Is this expected behaviour? Have others heard this in their bulbs?

I have one bulb in my lamp and do not hear any buzzing. By chance are your bulb or fixture on a dimmer switch?

Yes, they are on a dimmer switch. Is that bad? (Just moved into this house and realized upon attempting to put them in the fan in the office that it uses different sized bulbs. I only have the one place to test them until I get some bulb adapters.)

I believe per the recommendations they are not to be used with a dimmer switch. That is causing the buzzing.

I’ll try them on the non-dimmer light, then, when I get the appropriate adapters. Thanks a lot.

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