Wyze Bulb Color/Light Strip Blink/Flash User Set Parameters

I would also like a Constant Blink option. 1. To be able to constantly blink BLUE without stopping if my Water sensors detect water. 2. To be able to constantly blink RED without stopping if motion is detected ( I will turn off manually if needed). 3. To be able to constantly blink some other color without stopping. connected to Wyze Sense Hub Alarm condition. Think I am in a room that might not hear the siren, but want the LED Strip or Bulbs to constantly blink until manually turned off to indicate that the Wyze Sense Home or Away triggering conditions have alerted (which would also alert Home Monitoring Services, or not if in test mode).

the light strip Pro needs ability to set color to scene. The strip is different than bulbs as bulbs allow for setting of color per bulb in rules. a strip is actually 16 bulbs (segments). we can create a scene but can do nothing with it in rules. rules currently treats the light strip pro like a light strip for rules.

simple solution is let us set color to scene where scene for light strip pro can set all 16 segments.

I posted this as on wishlist and it was merged into rules but not added to the list of requests so it kind of has disappeared.

with Christmas here, the abilty to use scenes for light strip pro would help a lot. or not … maybe for next year…

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