Wyze Bluetooth Wireless RGB Waterproof Speakers


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I suggest Wyze makes a nice looking 10 dollar Bluetooth speaker. As you can see, there are many nice ones on amazon. It would be great if you could incorporate some cheap rgb led lighting to make it look nice. If you want I can send you t an example one I bought from Amazon(the link). The one on amazon I have has all those features, gets really loud, has a great frecency range and battery life, has rbg lighting, looks very nice, and is under 10 dollars. Wyze could use that product as inspiration for their own. Note: I am not affiliated with them. This would be great for wyze and would sell like hot cakes. Please make it, and keep it at 10 dollars no more than 20 then people will love it. Make sure to make a new design that looks nice for parties, yet is still portable for running, has RGB, and is waterproof(just like the one from Amazon I have). Dont forget to get decent speakers that can be at least 75-70 db dual 5 watt. The speaker I have also has a decent frequency range and tf card aux input. Note the price has raised but using keepa or camelcamelcamel price tracker for amaazon you can see it was 10 dollars for a long time. Amazon.com.
I hope Wyze can make this idea. Im sure it will sell and I hope it acts as a guidence for your futuire plans.

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