Wyze band - skin rash?

So… I’m assuming that this kind of skin reaction to the Wyze Band - the sports version - is NOT normal? It’s a bit sore, but not itchy or painful.

Anyone else having this?

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The first time I heard about this issue from someone else, I didn’t believe it because silicone just doesn’t cause this. But then it started happening to me. Now I don’t even wear it anymore because of this issue. Wyze really needs to look into this because clearly the strap isn’t 100% silicone or there is some kind of coating on it that’s causing the problem. Or it’s the chemical used to make the colors. Why am I surprised a product made in China is causing health issues?!

The one time I had a rash, I was wearing the band very tight. I had a similar reaction with my Garmin when wearing it too tightly.

Well, my Band wasn’t tight on my wrist and it still caused my skin to turn red. I’ve worn a watch for over 20 years with a silicone band and it never did this to my skin before.

Well… I definitely haven’t been wearing it tight. Never had this from the original band, but I had to swap to the “sport” band as the original was starting to come apart.

Have the new Wyze watch coming in April, so let’s hope they’ve got better bands by then.

Yes, I got a rash too, within the first 30 days. I have been switching the band to the other wrist when I can. I do have sensitive skin

Still nothing from Wyze about the strap causing skin irritations. I feel like I’ve wasted my money on this product because I can’t even wear anymore, unless I want my wrist to be red and irritated. I’ve never once had a watch strap do this to my wrist before!

And Wyze still hasn’t given us the ability to delete our own background pictures that we upload into the Band. If Wyze isn’t going to support this product then maybe they need to stop selling it!

i got the same type of rash on my wrist, i cleaned the band with a hydrogen peroxide, let it dry, and so far so good, The rash was from an over night too tight band… I guess

I’ve never had a too tight band cause a skin rash before. But what is going on with this is I think the straps are causing an allergic reaction. There is something in the formulation of the silicone strap that Wyze uses is causing this. As I’ve said before, I’ve never had a skin reaction like this from any other silicone watch strap, ever!