Band is causing skin irritation

Do you have any suggestions as to why the band is causing skin irritation? I’ve had this issue with the Fitbits and other bands that were out. I don’t wear the bands too tight but I don’t like the irritation. Also those blue lights that come from the bands sensors seem to hurt my wrist (not sure what those are) but I can feel it when they start to light up. The band is good but perhaps maybe a clip for the band would be great like Fitbit has.

Any suggestions in the meantime?

I noticed this silicon band was causing my skin under it to have a white residue like soap or dry toothpaste. I also noticed that it was rubbing a red mark on my wrist, and removing one layer of skin. I am now wearing it on a looser setting to see if that fixes the problem.

I did that too and I still get the irritation. I measure 3 inches around my wrist so it’s hard to find a setting on the band that works

I had to quit wearing the Wyze band because of it. My wrist turned red and some of the skin peeled off. Looked like a burn mark.

This happened to me. I was wearing it too tight. I loosened it up 1 notch and the issue went away. Results may vary.

Like I replied to you above, I did that and I still have the issue. The band itself causes no problems, it’s the sensors in the band that record the step (looks like a laser) that hurts my wrist.

I thought this was just me. It looked like a burn mark, even though it was painless. And the skin would peel. I thought it was just because I’m in my 40s now and getting old.