Wyze band not showing text notifications but all others appear

I bought my girlfriend a Wyze band after using mine for a few weeks and loving it. She has an iPhone XS running iOS 13.5.1, Wyze app 2.11.41 and band firmware She can get notifications from other apps (Facebook, weather, etc) and the band shows when she is getting an incoming call, but never displays any incoming text messages. I made sure Wyze app has all permissions I can give it, and turned on allowing previews to display on her phone while locked just in case that was a blocker. Still doesn’t work. Tried reboots of the band and phone. I can get text notifications fine on my phone. I have an iPhone 6S running older iOS, otherwise band and app versions match. Any ideas? Bug? She submitted a ticket but no reply yet.

I’m getting the exact same issue. Tried everything from unpairing and repairing the band. Resetting all permissions, and still nothing. All other notifications are fine.

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