Wyze App WORKS in the Metaverse aka Oculus Quest 2

Like the title says it WORKS !!!

I downloaded the Wyze App 2.27.33-61629_minAPI24(arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk from Google Play then sideloaded it on to my Oculus Quest 2.

I then connected my Q2 to my computer and installed the App using SideQuest for linux … I’m running an ubuntu system but I’m sure it works from WIndows AND there are many ways to install apps on the Q2 including from android phones.

Once you get into the quest command room / jump room / whatever you call it … you can access the App and it runs surprisingly well.

When you first pull it up there’s a short delay … like 20 seconds … where you cannot seem to type or do anything but that’s just the Q2 thinking. Then login into your Wyze account and that’s it :grin:

It’s not perfect the window cannot be expanded and the graphics are too big so you cannot see the menu items on either side but ALL my cameras work as did the lights and sockets.

I did a quick video of my Wyze exploits in the metaverse, I tweaked it down to 12mb but the limit here is 5mb so this is a link to the mp4 video …


It’s my testing and playing website, so I just made a folder for it which I hope is ok. It should play in most browsers.

I just thought it was epic level cool being able to watch my security cameras in VR as well as control my 3D home from my virtual one. So Great job Wyze :+1:


Nice, but why are you crediting Wyze with anything? It’s just another Android app that works on your device. Also, why can’t your Moto G download events? I’ve had several and they have no such issue.

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I’ve worked as a programmer and I’ve written android apps and software developers in general deserve more recognition especially when their code creations are robust enough to handle situations they were never designed for.

The Wyze app isn’t a simple bit of code work slapped together and the Quest 2 system is not vanilla Android 10, which is why so many apps Do NOT work in the VR environment.

I have a Moto G6 Play and the events “can” be downloaded BUT on the Wyze doorbell the default video player doesn’t like the 90 degree rotation. So you need an extra step to play the video on something like VLC. You can search the forum … there are a bunch of threads on the issue.

In any event I just meant this to be a fun thread. I like Wyze, I think their App developer{s} have done a great job AND it’s just really fun using Wyze cams, plugs and switches in VR.

Controlling the real world from within a virtual world is itself meta. I highly recommend this trick :+1:

Sure but I am betting this is attributable in this case more to luck than to skill or planning. They don’t even handle landscape yet.

Yes exactly, and I would assume that is NO different when you are viewing on your headset.

Glad you like it, and that there’s no Moto G issue after all.

Motorola’s default video player in the Moto G6 Play IS the problem. If you sideload the Wyze App onto a Fire Tablet then it works fine or most other android devices, You can also replace the default video player on the G6 and it will work.

As for luck, sure it helps to be lucky but the better you are the less luck is needed.

Try loading apps into the Q2 and you’ll see how many Do NOT work and those that do have lots of problems … which is very understandable. The thing about the Wyze app in Q2 is ALL of the key features {security, video streams and switch manipulation} work fine AND are the things you’d want or atleast I find useful and fun in VR.

Seriously give it a try! The only improvement that would be useful is being able to watch video streams in theatre view 'cuz that would be awesome.

Well I don’t have any viewers (other than Cardboard, somewhere) so that would be tough. :slight_smile: I still don’t quite get what the issue is with the Moto - again, I’ve had several versions with no Wyze or video problems - but it’s probably not worth pursuing. I’m on a G7 at the moment.