Wyze App Versions for Android and 2.29.1 for iOS Released - 3/28/22

Just looking at the release notes, did you actually fix anything other than cosmetic issues? I don’t see anything substantial listed in the notes. Also appears to have bypassed beta?

This did bypass beta for the exact reason you mentioned. A lot of this was just to improve the UI to make it easier for folks to set up and understand Cam Plus Lite. It did go through internal testing, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seems solid so far. I jumped from a few versions back.

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Thanks Gwendolyn! Tried that. At this point, I am just going to ride it out over night and see if things are better in the morning! It’s actually the base station that is showing offline, which, in turn, has all of the WCO’s offline. I did power off and on the base station and that didn’t help. We shall see…


I still can’t switch from Video to Image or vice-versa in Event Recording. No change happens, and I get an ad for Cam Plus. I should only need Cam Plus Lite, which is assigned to the camera.

Log in 521134.


After the new release, I could not see the image captured for any events. It would give me an ad to setup Cam Plus Lite. I could dismiss the popup. But when I tried again to see the image – it would pop up again.

It also changed the event recording > recording type to ‘image’ for all cameras. Which then only gave the option of Cam Plus service.

To solve all this, I setup Cam Plus Lite and enabled all cameras.

So, now it is back to recording 12 second videos. Which I really do not want/need. And apparently Wyze doesn’t want either.

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Hey cyclone

Sounds similar:

And you’d prefer to be on this ‘tier’?

(table by @carverofchoice)

Maybe post on the thread I linked above and tag @WyzeJimmy . He might could sort you out. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for tagging WyzeJimmy, he answered my question and gave me a work around until they fix it.
As to your question “and you prefer to be on this tier?”. Yes it works for me, I’m watching my Chickens, don’t need person detection just fox detection. Also have a WCO set up to see when the power company comes to cut some trees cuz I don’t trust them to call me like they promised, so far only thing thats set it off is some deer.
I have a Pan Cam for security and the playback feature works fine for me.


I thought using the term “bait and switch” was inaccurate. But maybe not. Per Webster:

Definition of bait and switch

1 : a sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.

marketing=encouraging so a case can be made.

And right now Cam Plus lite is $0 if you want, but how long will that last?
Also I was looking at Wyze cams on Amazon the other day and the product descriptions still say you get 12sec videos with out a subscription plan.

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Seems like they’d have to stick with it for a couple of years, business allowing. The name-your-price Legacy Person Detection pilot was in effect for… 1.5-2 yrs? More than a year, anyway.

Acceptable if they revised it to “… without a paid subscription plan” ?

From an email received 9/2020:

From now through October 9, you can sign up for Wyze Person Detection for 12-second motion events. This opportunity is exclusively available to you, as one of our earliest Wyze users. And you get to name the price you pay for it.

For those that are not aware of what has been going on with Wyze Person Detection, let’s start with a quick recap.

Click to expand

**deep breath in**

Back in January of 2019, Apple acquired the company we were partnered with for on-device person detection. Because of this, we had to temporarily remove person detection until we developed our own cloud-based option. We promised all of you in an email at the end of November 2019 that person detection would remain free to all of you when we released our version. We launched person detection as a pilot/beta program available for everyone (which is what many of you have been using for the last few months). Starting October 9th, person detection will only be available as part of Cam Plus for $1.99. But we told you it would be free so we’ve created this new pay-what-you-want option exclusively for our early customers who received that promise.

***exhale the little remaing air still in lungs***

Why are we doing this?

First, because person detection makes Wyze Cam notifications more useful, which makes the user experience so much better. We want all Wyze users to have that experience, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

The reality is this premium feature requires us to pay high, recurring fees every month to keep it running. We can’t absorb these costs from the margin we get on a $20 Wyze Cam. We need help to cover or at least subsidize the ongoing expense.

Second, this is an experiment. We operate in an industry obsessed with subscription fees. Ring, for example, won’t even let you see motion events without paying at least $3/month (we offer this service for free). We need to compete to make sure we’re here for the long run to support your Wyze devices. But we don’t want to do it like the rest of the industry, we want to do it on terms set by our users, the way friends would do business with each other.

If “Name Your Price” works for 12-second person detection with this small test group, we may roll it out to all users. Eventually, our dream is to make it the default for every premium feature we ever build, including Cam Plus. That vision starts right here and now with this first trial run.

We need your help to build the most unique, user-friendly premium service model in the smart home industry. Let’s do this!

- Your friends @ Wyze


What is the difference between this and Cam Plus?
This program only enables person detection for your 12-second alert videos. It enables it on all Wyze Cam v2s and Wyze Cam Pans. It adds a ton of value, but not what you would get with Cam Plus. Cam Plus not only includes person detection but also removes the 12-second recording limitation and the 5-minute cooldown period between recordings. It captures all motion and detects people while doing it. There are also more advanced features in the works that will be added over the next year. If that sounds like a better fit for what you need, you can sign up for Cam Plus here.

Who is qualified to sign up for 12-second person detection?
This opportunity is only available to Wyze users that created an account before November 26, 2019. Wyze users who created accounts after November 26, will not be able to see the 12-second person detection option in the list of available services. Users from before Nov. 26, 2019, qualify because we told them in an email on that day that when we launched our in-house person detection, it would be free. That was before we were hit with tariffs and COVID, and while this isn’t exactly what we had in mind back then, this program allows you to pay $0.

Why do I have to sign up before October 9?
We want to keep it simple. Having a defined time period that users can join helps us limit risk and accurately measure the results so that we can determine our next steps. We’re not going to be crazy strict on this, contact our support if you miss it by a few days or something.

What if volunteer contributions don’t cover the cost? What will happen to Person Detection for 12-second Event videos?
We don’t know yet. We are going to evaluate the results of this experiment after a few months and see if we have enough contributions to at least subsidize the cost. If it doesn’t work, we will come up with a new plan, but it is possible that free 12-second person detection will be discontinued.

But wait, why do I already have Person Detection?
If you already have Person Detection on your camera, you signed up to be a beta (pilot) tester. Beta testing for person detection is ending on October 9, after that date you will no longer have access to it without going through the official sign-up process.

Can I change the amount of my donation?
Yes, you can adjust it whenever you want

Took a while to verify this, but it’s working great now. :smiley:

Same thing happened to me. Tried everything I could think of but they wouldn’t come back online. But now this morning poof there they are.

Unfortunately none of my cameras show up on echo show devices or fire tv. She just keeps responding that she cannot reach “null”. This has been an ongoing problem for several months and I was hoping this might fix it, but no.

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I am having the same issues. All my cameras are showing offline. I have four cameras. One was unplugged. Not even turned on for last update and it is not working either. I believe the problem is with the app.

It gets very confusing with you folks; earlier this year I complained that the back arrows for camera apps were in the cutout for front camera on the pixel 5a screen; next day I was switched to beta app with the issue fixed; since then the app has switched back and forth from stable to beta w/o my input; since most recent stable app version I’m back to the arrows being too high again and very difficult to go back in the app. Any way to get the beta back?

I wonder if Wyze ever feel they’re stuck on a hamster wheel? While they’re running as fast as they can go to release new products, they’ve become stagnant in improving the existing product line. The pure example of “Jack of all trades, master of few”.

Never has this been seen more than the foundation app. The developer seem to be having a hard time embracing the reality that people do use iPads in landscape. Perhaps a new set of eyes can provide a more engaging and interactive experience.

The WyzeCam, the product the has established Wyze as a serious player seem to have hit an evolution brick wall. While the V3 was a visually improvement over the V2, along with being weather sealed, questions are be asked like What’s Next? I would think 2K resolution and 5GHz support.

Wyze, while you’re busy changing up the menu, the customers that got you here still love the meat and potatoes and we’re hungry.

My cameras load quickly, like they have for years, about 20% of the time, for the last 3 or 4 months now. I’ve just been waiting for an app fix, but no dice. Two V2 & two V3 load super slow ( 3 to 5 gray screen “reboot camera” tries) before they load. Up until this week they would do that then connect with 50kbs to 120kbs and then go to zero within 10 seconds, but now they stay connected. The rest of the time they connect within a second and work the way they used to.
The events work great all the time, with instant notifications and great playback, even the very long events.
Some days my tablet with Android 11 works on all cameras, but my Samsung S20 takes the long road. Other days they switch. Stopping and restarting the app sometimes fixes the long loading, but just for that session, so next time I open the app I have to start over. The phone SEEMS to work all the time away from my wifi, but it could just be a coincidence.
Why did everything work fine for years, then go bad this year? Was it the AWS problem in December or the subscription push soon after, or are there just so many Wyze products now that the app coding is overwhelmed ?
I know it always the customer’s network at fault, but the only changes to mine have been disconnecting three unused Roku streamers and doubling my ISP speed ( 3 weeks ago). My wifi detector app shows a good and great 2.4g signal at all cameras. Yes, I’ve done all the troubleshooting multiple times including reinstalling the cameras ( my doorbell died on that hill, it’s a brick that won’t reinstall now ), Why are the events connecting perfectly through my network to the cloud and back, but the live view is so hit and miss? And when they finally connect the signal is strong.
Reading this forum and the Playstore Wyze app reviews shows me that this type of problem has become common in the last few months.
I may be paranoid, but I am wondering if the next Wyze product will be a modem/router that magically clears up all the connection issues.
Any bets?

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