Wyze app integration with Amazon Key

I went to check compatibility as soon as I saw the wyze garage door controller. If your garage door opener is like mine, with the yellow learn button, it’s not compatible anyway. I trust wyze more, and would honestly appreciate if it worked with these newer openers, but MyQ has it their way. I can’t stand the MyQ app, and it’s constant reminders to purchase more stuff from them for way more money than wyze equipment. Sad.

I just got the Wyze Pan Camera, and I love it. I plan to start replacing a lot of my existing amalgamated plugs, light bulbs, security cameras, etc. with Wyze. However, I won’t be buying the Wyze garage door opener until they are compatible with Amazon Key. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this boat, but I got the MyQ to cut down on the porch pirates, and I see no reason to take a step backwards.

A nice feature would be for the Garage door controller to interface with the Amazon Key application to allow Amazon delivery inside my garage. Like other garage door controllers on the market Wyze could have the same function.