Wyze app integration with Amazon Key

in the shop, you can buy the Wyze sense starter kit. it comes with each sensor and crucially the bridge you need to make them work ( the bridge cant be bought on its own…yet hopefully)

they have a break sensor, two sensors that are connected through magnetization. when the two halves are separated (one on a door frame, one on a door) it triggers the sensors to read a different state, open or closed and you get a notification. in turn you can make that trigger pretty much anything wyze you might need, I have a break sensor turning on a light in my garage because the switch isn’t near the entrance. you can also make it trigger a camera to record a clip. so if someone were to open your door the sensor would trigger the camera and you would get an alert that the door ha been opened and in return you know to check that camera because you’ll have a recording.

because the sensors go directly to your phone, there’s no delay with the notification like there is with the event clips.

alternatively in the sense starter kit, there is also a PIR motion detector. you could put that facing the door and when someone comes through the door it would trigger and the same circumstances could happen if you configure it properly.


Are you able to have Amazon garage deliveries with your current Wyze setup or does it require an Amazon key camera?

Amazon Garage deliveries only require a compatible garage door opener. So yes, I am able to receive Amazon Garage deliveries. I did end up putting a Wyze magnetic door switch sensor on my garage door to help trigger recording the event with a Wyze cam, but it is not tied to the Amazon delivery in any way.

Amazon Key requires both a compatible lock and camera to use the service. This is different than Amazon Garage, but both require you to install the Amazon Key app to setup and authorize. You can also use the app to un-authorize.

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Now with the Wyze Lock, I would like that to be supported by Amazon Key service for front door delivery. That’s really the only reason I haven’t bought a Wyze Lock yet.

IDEALLY, the Wyze Lock and Wyze Cam combo would be Amazon Key supported, so we don’t also need the Amzaon dedicated (and more expensive) Key edition camera. But even if that doesn’t happen, I still want the Wyze Lock as a supported Amazon Key lock with the Amazon Key camera.


Work with Amazon to have Wyze cameras as a camera option in Amazon Key

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I have purchased cameras based on Wyze stating it works with Alexa. This isn’t a full integration nor is it any where integrated with Amazon Key I came to realize. I have invested in both cameras, motion sensors, and door contacts. Was this a mistake? Should the description of working with Alexa be removed, I severely think so.

That statement is based on a misunderstanding of what “works with Alexa” means.

Amazon Key is a completely separate application than “Alexa” integration. NO other cameras by ANY manufacturer, work with “Key” except Amazon’s own (Ring cameras today). For locks, only a VERY small handful of Amazon approved smart locks work with Key. This is not anything unique to Wyze.

It’s fair, which this thread is for, to ask Wyze to work with Amazon to get Amazon Key integration, but it is NOT fair to hold the current lack of Key integration against Wyze because the same is true of every other manufacturer except Amazon themselves (again, Ring being owned by Amazon).

As much as WE, the customers, would like to see Key integration for the Wyze Lock and Cams, Wyze themselves does not advertise “Key” integration, so they are not misleading anyone.

In terms of “Alexa” integration, the Wyze Locks works great! I can say, “Alexa, unlock the front door.” Or vice versa for unlock, or I can ask, “Alexa, is the front door locked?” And Alexa will tell me the current status.

For the cameras, Alexa integration also works, but you must have an Alexa compatible device to show the camera video on, like an Echo Show. Again, this is not a Wyze thing, this is an Amazon thing, and is true for any camera of any manufacturer.

So “Alexa” integration works just fine with at least the Wyze Lock and Wyze Cam.

I’m don’t have any of the other home security products from Wyze so I can’t personally speak to Alexa integration for those, but if Wyze advertises Alexa integration for those, I’m guessing it works just fine as long as you understand what the capabilities are, and don’t confuse “Alexa” integration with “Key” integration. (Key integration only applies to smart door locks and cameras anyway.)

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But with Alexa I am unable to setup any significant routines. What you say I can get on Echo I can get on Wyze app with my phone.

I don’t carry an echo show in my holster or pocket.

Might as well call the Wyze camera a superwamendine baby monitor, not Alexa compatible.

What else exactly do you expect to do with a camera via Alexa? You can display it’s output on an Alexa compatible display (Echo Show). That function IS supported, and the display requirement is an Amazon limitation, not a Wyze limitation.

What other functions do you expect Alexa to support for a camera?

Again, my point is that what you are asking is not a Wyze-specific thing. It’s common to all manufacturers of all “Alexa” compatible cameras.

You’re trying to blame Wyze for something that is out of their control (it’s Amazon’s), and is universal to all cameras by any manufacturer.

Amazon Key absolutely does NOT require “both a compatible lock and camera to use the service”. Specifically, a camera is not required. Visit Amazon Key website to learn about compatible smart locks and garage door openers.

The newer garage Amazon Key delivery does not require a camera. But IF you want to add a camera and explicitly link it to the Amazon Key app, the camera has to to be Key compatible, and the only Key compatible cameras right now are Ring (which is owned by Amazon).

The older in-home front door Amazon Key delivery DID require a camera, either the old Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition or a Ring camera, and of course a Key compatible smart-lock. Amazon has since suspended this in-home service. I think that was due to COVID-19 concerns, but I’m not sure.

This week, I setup the myQ Chamberlain smart garage door opener ($27) for Amazon key-in garage delivery. The Amazon Key app for iOS 14.6 currently supports Amazon Cloud Cam (discontinued), Ring doorbells/cameras and the LiftMaster myQ garage camera. I will be using the Wyze v3 for the low-cost, larger field of view, magnetic base, IP65 weatherproof rating, and other features when compared to the Ring Indoor camera. At this time, it’s not supported by Amazon Key for deliveries, which I prefer as opposed to giving Amazon access to video within my home.

Here are some possible workarounds that allow the camera to be turned on and viewed (automatically when the garage door opens.

Both of those require a cost solution (either an IFTTT or Cam Plus sub).

My solution currently is that I use a microSD card to record all the time. I don’t watch my Key garage delivery live, but if there were an issue I could go back and look at the recording.

Now that Wyze has introduced a garage door camera, Amazon Key compatibility is holding me back from purchasing it.

I currently use the MyQ app and hardware to allow Amazon the ability to open my garage door and safely place my package in the garage before closing the door.

I went to check compatibility as soon as I saw the wyze garage door controller. If your garage door opener is like mine, with the yellow learn button, it’s not compatible anyway. I trust wyze more, and would honestly appreciate if it worked with these newer openers, but MyQ has it their way. I can’t stand the MyQ app, and it’s constant reminders to purchase more stuff from them for way more money than wyze equipment. Sad.

I just got the Wyze Pan Camera, and I love it. I plan to start replacing a lot of my existing amalgamated plugs, light bulbs, security cameras, etc. with Wyze. However, I won’t be buying the Wyze garage door opener until they are compatible with Amazon Key. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this boat, but I got the MyQ to cut down on the porch pirates, and I see no reason to take a step backwards.

A nice feature would be for the Garage door controller to interface with the Amazon Key application to allow Amazon delivery inside my garage. Like other garage door controllers on the market Wyze could have the same function.