Wyze app and Web View update - 2/7/2024

We’re releasing Android with a manual AP Wi-Fi pairing method and a loading issue fix as well as iOS 2.49.2 (2) and Web 2.4.7 with optimizations today! :handshake:

Read our Release Notes:


On a “grouped” V3 Pro when selecting “Spotlight Settings”, it fails to open and displays a white screen (if using the light theme), it eventually kicks you out to the device list screen. The work-around (as pointed out by another user) is to engage the spotlight on the live view screen then go into settings, “Spotlight Settings” and perform your adjustments.


Is this on Android or iOS?

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Sorry, Android 14 Pixel 6a, February 5, 2024 security updates.
All Wyze firmware current (production, no beta), and newest android app.


I was just informed we have found the cause and are working on the fix.


Connection Issue from the App to my V3’s was not fixed. V3’s are up to date. IOS 17.3. When I’m on the same network, the app works most of the time. Web Live works, the problem is with the app.