Wyze app additions - disable & arrange

Please add a feature that allows us to remove a camera from the list without “deleting” it. The way it is now we have to assign it to our account all over again after deleting. Sometimes I just want to unplug a camera and not see it in the list. Then later plug it back in and have it pick up where it left off.

If not that, then please make it so the list of cameras in the app list can be arranged into an order that we choose. Not “most recent on top” the way it is now.

Thank you.

Look up camera groups. In your case, you can establish 2 groups; “active” and “inactive”. Place everything you don’t want in the “inactive” group and only view the “active” one.

And yes, you can re-order the way cameras are listed.

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On the main page, click the pencil in the upper right corner. Then select Edit Devices. That will bring up a list of all your Wyze devices. On each device or group, put your finger on the three horizontal lines to the right of the name and drag that to some other order. When you are completed, select “Done” in the upper right corner.

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You are absolutely correct. I never saw the “groups”. Thank you!