Wyze and BlueStacks 5 - Cannot Resize Window

I use BlueStacks to view both my Wyze and my Geeni cameras. The old laptop I was using crashed so I swapped it out with another one. Windows 10, all updates from MS and driver updates, then installed BlueStacks 5. Same setup I was using before. I used to open Wyze in BS and drag to resize the window to about half the size of the 27" monitor screen, then open a second instance of BS, open Geeni, and do the same. This is not possible now, when I try to drag the window it will only go so far. The same happens with the BS instance running Geeni, so I don’t think this is actually a Wyze issue. Just thinking maybe someone here has run into the same problem. I know the rotate in BlueStacks doesn’t work with Wyze, so that’s not an option. Also, changing the display settings in BS to UltraWide, or really any other setting does not change the behavior. Any ideas?