Wyze AI Updates - Mar 2022!

Hello friends,

Can you believe that it’s March 2022 already? I don’t know about you, but I believe there are good times ahead of us in 2022! Here in the Wyze AI team, we are working hard to create great things for you! Check out our latest updates!

What’s Going on with AI Detection?

In the past few months, we’ve been primarily working on improving the accuracy of specific object detections. We’ve come across some issues that caused us to spend more time than expected to re-train the model. Umm… Yeah, sometimes it happens. It’s sort of like teaching your kid again that minions are not bananas. (They aren’t, right?)

But we finally got there! After a couple of model iterations, we’re seeing improvements in several subcategories including Pet Detection and Package Detection especially for the doorbells.

In addition to general Cam Plus AI updates, we are also investigating two types of resources to further improve performance: 1) a better new AI model and 2) typical scenarios where false detection rates are higher (e.g. night vision, labeling pets as people, etc.). Stay tuned!

Try Cam Plus Pro for Free!

We combined AI detection and professional monitoring so you can arm your home with just one Wyze Cam! Sign up here and check it out for a 2-week free trial in the Wyze app once you’re enrolled! Cam Plus Pro sends you an alert when your camera detects a person and gives you enough context with video clips to decide to dismiss or move forward with the alarm using Noonlight. We also added Friendly Faces (facial recognition) to Cam Plus Pro. Share your feedback with us to help make Friendly Faces better! You can learn more about Cam Plus Pro here.

Try Sound Detection (Beta) on Wyze Cam v2 and Pan!

Thanks to all the testers who helped us build our latest and greatest AI sound detection! Currently, Sound Detection is still in the beta testing phase for all Cam Plus users. You can enable this beta feature for your Wyze Cam v2 or Pan by going to Camera Settings > Event Recording > Cam Plus AI Detection. You will need sound detection enabled to use this feature! If you don’t see the option, please update to the latest firmware and make sure your Wyze Cam has a Cam Plus license attached.

We hope you all have a good time trying out our new AI capabilities! And please don’t forget to share your feedback with us by tapping Yes in Event videos to help teach our AI algorithm what it should have detected instead if it misses the mark.

Kim from the Wyze AI team

Since you just made this an on-topic subject....

Nothing has been confirmed in-universe either way. We do know that even though minions will eat anything, they do particularly love to eat bananas, even the evil purple minions love bananas, so it would be a little weird, almost cannibalism if they were made from bananas.

In-universe canon from Despicable Me tells us that they are from a single mutated strand of DNA, implying Gru made them, but the Minions movie shows us that they evolved along with other life, so this tells us that when it said it was a “mutated” strand of DNA, it must’ve meant mutation the same way all natural selection is a type of mutation. However, the Minions Mayhem ride at Universal Studios indicates that minions are possibly made from humans by a ray that turns humans into minions. If these are all canon, then what it means is that some minions evolved like all other life, and then later Gru learned how to convert human DNA into Minion DNA to be able to make MORE minions later on (apparently you could become one too).

Out of Universe, they were originally supposed to be large and orc-like but their concept evolved until they became smaller and smaller and were inspired by and thus are partially descended from Jawas (Star Wars) and Oompa Loompas (Willy Wonka). Which only makes them even cooler than if they were descended from bananas. I wonder if any minions have been force sensitive or built their own light-sabers? Or even better, if any of them were Sith/dark force users. There needs to be an alternate universe with this.

So given that minions and bananas were brought up in the context of the AI…

Does this mean you’re soon going to show us how to set up our AI to have Minion and banana detection with that Wyze Anything Recognition, or will they be natively supported by the AI? I mean, I might want my HMS or Cam Plus Pro to trigger an alarm anytime a PERSON sets them off…but it would be nice if I could tell it not to worry about minions or bananas as both of those are welcome at my house any time. Thanks for all your hard work at making this possible in the near future.

Wyze Cam Minion Camera Covers (Add AI Detection to make them more intelligent minions that understand what they are seeing):




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Where do I order these? I have to get some!


Free Pan Cam Minion Sleeve/cover:

Another Pan Cam Minion Sleeve


Free V2 Minion Cover:

Other V2 Minion Cover for $9



Well I’ll be a :monkey: monkey’s uncle. You have just opened a portal to a whole new universe for me! It’s Farscape all over again and I am entering the wormhole. Skins for your cams. Who’da thunk it.

Thank you @carverofchoice! You have brought joy back into my Wyze world!


For real, sometimes it’s almost like getting a whole new camera/device :rofl:

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Thank you for the pdf, that’s awesome! Is that V2 only or is there one for the V3?

I have not seen any [minion sleeve covers] for the V3 yet, but I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard for someone to modify the design to better fit the V3. If someone does, they should post their designs somewhere in the forums for others. :slight_smile:


I’m not seeing any improvements to the AI. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. And please stop the AI from seeing parked vehicles, especially when the motion tagging square follows a person walking their pet yet only labels the parked vehicle and not the person or pet.

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I’m totally with you there. AI set to person, pet, package and all the cars are being tagged… As person or pet. I did a weeklong calculation of AI tags… Less than 50% correct. How is that effective?

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Most of the time the AI doesn’t even tag moving vehicles. It’s ridiculous that it’s usually seeing “parked” vehicles. And who wants video tagged for parked vehicles anyway? All we care about is what moved into the camera’s field of view!

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That’s because the motion detection algorithm and the AI algorithm are two entirely separate engines. The first passes it off to the latter and AI has no capacity for motion, only objects.

The AI should at least only see what’s inside the designated motion detection grid. If I make a detection grid then obviously I don’t want it to look at anything outside of it. This can’t be that complicated for Wyze to fix.


You have been here for 4 years now with over 10,000 posts read. I am sure you, like everyone else, has been following the forum chatter for the last 6 months.

Please provide one example of anything that wasn’t\isn’t complicated for Wyze to fix. Theoretically it shouldn’t be that hard, realistically it is Wyze. There is an old joke I remember about the difference between theoretically and realistically… Maybe a topic for the water cooler.

As it stands right now Wyze AI is completely unreliable. And, as a critical component of their core security model, it is unacceptable. I have more faith in the weatherman when he predicts a 50% chance for rain… It may rain… It may not.

As a byproduct of my 28% delivered notification rate issue:

I also logged the number of AI tagged events I received from my cams over a 1 week period. Less than 50% were correctly tagged. If the AI incorrectly identifies objects 50% of the time, isn’t it also logical to question if it also fails to tag objects at a very high rate? Instances of PD fails on the forums is well above any acceptable level. I would be very interested to learn the results if someone with the time and the resources were to run their long term SD Card continuous history thru a competitors AI engine. It is my prediction that Wyze would be embarrassed.

Unless Wyze is visited by the AI Fairy tonight and it leaves a solution under the pillow, I don’t predict any improvement soon. Wyze is too busy developing the IoT Toilet Paper Spindle.

Look, I’m on your side and am just as disappointed in Wyze as you. They started out great but then just kept adding more and more products, and their customer support suffered along the way. They constantly release products that don’t work as advertised with most having buggy software.

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@Resist, I didn’t mean to come off confrontational with you. Apologies if I sounded that way. Hard to convey tone in text only. You and I are in total agreement with this AI and I should have said that going in. You have a much longer history with them than I do.

The reply was intended to point out how broke the AI is and how broke Wyze is right now. All my other IOT gets updates all the time ,… I haven’t had to contact Amazon, GE, Google, Motorola. When is the last time Android or iOS put out a bad update or patch?

And yet, we are supposed to give Wyze a pass on this because they are some revolutionary against the grain startup? No. The same expectations apply to them. I absolutely love the IoT they have… If it works. If they break it and it doesn’t work, what good is it to me then?

Wyze has lost its way, lost it’s focus, lost its purpose.

I know I am preaching to the choir now so I will stop before the MOD gestapo waterboards me for inciting Wyze customer outrage outside of the rant watercooler.

I’m keeping hope, but hope is not a method to fix this.

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“Wyze has lost its way, lost its focus, lost its purpose”


And once again one of my V3 cameras caught motion by lots of people walking big dogs, but what did the AI label the video as…Vehicle, because a car was parked way in the background. How can it not see a person walking their dog, when they were closer to the camera than the car?!

Please Wyze fix your crappy AI, it doesn’t work and I shouldn’t have to pay for something that is broke.

We get it slso no biggie we just live with it and do the submit as pet

@Resist, with you on this all the way. Broke is broke! What’s worse, with the AI degrading, the Cam FW glitches, and the HMS FW debacle, Wyze has actively lost the trust of their core customers.

I have 12 cams running CamPlus with any given combination of Person, Vehicle, Pet, and Package detection. On any given day I could have upwards of 100 or more AI tagged events in my events tab. But, as we already know, only about half of these are tagged correctly.

Now I understand that there is a ‘share this video with Wyze’ option wherein I am manually retagging the Wyze mistake and sending it back as @kae4560 has suggested, but I am not being paid to spend hours of my time every week to review hundreds of videos and manually retag them to improve a product that I have already paid them to work correctly and that they are going to profit from. Someone has got to call shenanigans on this croudsourced free labor commune movement. I already paid for a working product. I didn’t volunteer my time to develop your product for you to resell to someone else. I have already retagged and submitted thousands of mistagged videos and the product has only digressed.

I have all my cams cloud record and notify for AI events. But, I also have every Cam cloud record all motion events. I have them filtered out in the events tab unless I need to go back for a time when the Wyze AI missed tagging completely. (Yes, I also record continuous to SD, but try filtering motion event recordings on the SD). I imagine the thousands of untagged motion only videos take up a good chunk of space on the precious and expensive AWS servers. Why do I have all motion events recorded you ask? Because I can’t trust Wyze AI. If I had any degree of confidence in Wyze AI, I could turn off the Motion Event recording and just record AI events. Imagine the amount of space Wyze could save if we could just trust their AI.

Here are some suggestions for the @WyzeTeam:

Suggestion #1: Hire staff to retag all your AI mistakes and improve your product that we are paying for and you will keep selling.

Suggestion #2: In the App Account page, add a line for “Permissions”. Permission #1: “Allow Wyze staff to review your cloud recorded video to improve AI tagging. Yes or no.”

If I had one.button to push to let Wyze use all my video to improve the AI, I would do it. But, Wyze needs to do the review and manually retagging legwork.

I know this is really another topic related to the cloud storage shortage, but expanding on the Permissions tab:

Suggestion #3: Permission #2: Allow Wyze to delete all motion only non-AI video after X hours to conserve server space.

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