Wyze AI event for cars? Eliminate shadows triggering events?

The new person detection AI is a nice feature for sure. I am wondering if there is any interest or future plans to develop something similar for vehicles? We have one of our cameras set up in the driveway and it would be great to have the same feature for vehicles for easier event clip sorting.

one of the biggest problems I’ve seen is that when it is windy tree shadows trigger events every 5 minutes all through the day so event monitoring become basically useless as it “cools down” for 5 minutes and then records another shadow. I have adjusted the sensitivity and monitoring areas but still get false events all day for front door and driveway.

Any ideas?

currently what you see is what you get, you appear to have tried everything you can ( without cutting the tree down), but it might be helpful to know that when the first AI Beta was sent to the Beta testers there was a function for vehicles too. it would only make sense that once the person detection is to the accuracy levels they want through ongoing training they would probably work on a vehicle addition as well, but alas, I am not a Wyze employee so this is purely speculation.

as far as the cool down period ( and what little I know of your situation) you could limit the cool down to one minute using a motion sensor although they are not rated for outside use. the reset on them is one minute which I have confirmed myself through numerous tests. the downside in using the sense kit is that currently it is only the pixel based recordings that are scanned using the AI for person detection. so the motion detection would not give you person detection alerts, but the motion sensor would avoid the shadows and could possibly give you more accurate alerts for things in your driveway so you could check them in live view.